Fame & Changes

I’m not going to lie and tell you that Stephanie Pratt was beautiful before and she shouldn’t have done anything. *Kanye West shrug*. Her father is a dentist to the stars in Los Angeles, she comes from money so she could have gotten plastic surgery done a while ago. But I think being on The Hills and suddenly being famous for nothing, she felt the pressure. The pressure to be thin and beautiful, she started to get made fun of and people started to call her ugly.

She wasn’t pretty but she wasn’t hideous. She was original now she is plastic like the rest of Hollywood. I also think she did it for her self-esteem. I’m pretty sure she was insecure before, she was addicted to drugs and used to have an eating disorder and admitted that she became anorexic again during The Hills. I’m sure she did it for herself and kudos to her. I do believe that if you don’t like something about yourself, if it truly bothers you every single day then you know what? Go for it. My problem is when they go overboard like Heidi Montag, (I commend her for being honest about it. She showed girls how horrible you’ll look if you erase your genetics) or the ones that do it,  lie about it pretending to be natural and giving girls a bad example like Kim Kardashian.

I think she looks very pretty now, I’m sorry to admit that but it’s true. As long as she feels better about herself. She didn’t do anything drastic. Especially for being in Hollywood, I’m sure she felt that she had to get it done so she can stop being made fun of by the media. The media is vicious and in Hollywood it’s not “only the strong survive” it’s “only the beautiful and thin make it”. So they have to fake it till they make it!


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