Thought of the day

I wanted to share this with you:

My friend who is pregnant commented on a picture of mine on my Facebook page and she wrote:

Her comment: “i hope my daughter looks like you :)”

My reply – ‘OMG!, I think this is the best, sweetest compliment I can ever receive!!!! I’m so touched that you would say that. But she’s going to get her beauty from her Mama! & trust me, I wish I can look like you!! I can’t wait till the little beauty enters our lives & get her the cutest outfits!! & have her join us in our girls night! Love, love you!’

Her reply: I swear looking at your pics, I really do hope she does. you’re so beautiful, inside and out! and you have such a good heart 🙂 i cant wait until she comes too 🙂 she’s gonna have the best aunties ever!! love you roro!

My reply: You literally have me teary eyed while at work. What you said means a lot, more than you’ll ever know. Sometimes without knowing, you can say something to someone who affects them deeply, and you did just that. We don’t know how people see… us and think of us, and we should tell one another more often cuz something simple can be just what the person needs to hear cuz you never know what someone is going through. This will stick with me forever Rana. And this is what friendship is about – not having any labels, not needing to speak to each other every single day to prove that you are friends. It’s the vibes you get and the connection you have with people. & we’ve always had a strong one & I know we always will. You’re beautiful inside and out and your daughter is going to be lucky to be having a mother and a woman like you in her life. ♥ love you.

Her reply: awwwww :)) now you have me teary eyed. your so cute ro.  im happy that i was able to put a smile on your face by just saying the truth and you’re so right, sometimes you just need to hear it or something so simple can go such a long way. im happy to have you in my life too, and although i may not call everyday or see you everyday, you are very special to me. im so nervous about being a mama and you just made me feel a lot better about myself too


I’m not best friends with her, we are friends. We don’t talk every single day and sometimes months pass without speaking. But she is special to me. We just always clicked from the start, we’re there for one another in every occasion and text each other here and there. She is seriously a beautiful person inside and out and she’s very genuine. With what she wrote to me I don’t think, I KNOW I will never receive a better compliment then this. It meant a lot to me and I literally starting to get teary eyed. Sometimes without knowing it, you can say something to someone who can have a major effect on them, whether it’s good or bad. In this case, it’s better than good.

So my point is, tell someone you love them, tell them what you think about them. You never know what someone is going through. I’m going through transitions in my life, realizing and learning a lot about myself more and more every day. My biggest insecurity is feeling that no one cares about me as much as I care for them, that people only want to see the bad and take advantage of my kindness. Since I’m a pushover I’ve allowed people to step all over me and I now know  that it’s not okay. I need to grow some balls and not repress everything and hold how I feel inside, to speak up and demand respect. I put everyone before me and I simply don’t care enough about myself as much as I do for others. I push people who I care about away and I don’t know how to act or show love because I feel as though people won’t see it for being genuine. I’m my own worst enemy. I’ve gone through a lot in my life and I’ve never known what it feels like for someone to have my back. This past year I feel as though everything hit me all at once. I’ve gone through suicidal thoughts, depression again, refusing to look in mirrors, isolation and loneliness. I’ve been in a dark place but I will always find my way out. I believe that darkness come at you when you need to take a look at yourself and get rid of things that aren’t healthy for you to get back your sunshine.

What my friend said to me, made me smile from my heart. It made me feel beautiful and it made me feel so good about myself. What an impact she made in my life today, just by saying she wishes her daughter will look like me and telling me that I have a big heart. I was reminded today that there are people who care, that see the good in me and see me for who I am. Those that don’t, I need to remove them from my life. Those that make me feel down about myself, don’t respect me, that use me or take advantage of me because they know I won’t say no and that I will drop everything to be there for them, even if they happen to be family members I simply don’t need them in my life. Like the old saying goes “You don’t need people in your life that don’t need you in theirs.”So please, show people you care. Tell them you love them, what you think of them and that you simply just appreciate them and that you are thankful to have them in your life. I can assure you, it will come a long way. You can even save someones life. What if I was having suicidal thoughts and felt unloved and was on the verge of ending the pain away and before doing do I read what my friend wrote. It’s not the case, but I would have had second thoughts because when I was at my darkest place all I needed to hear were positive words. What I am saying is you never know. You just never know how someone is feeling, someone can be broken right next to you and you will never know because they are hiding behind a facade.

Whether you are that that person that needs to be saved or can save someone, it gets better and you can make it better.


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