Fame & Changes

Bruce Jenner was a good-looking man when he became a Olympian gold medalist. Obviously I wasn’t born in the 70’s and 80’s so I don’t much about his history other than what all we know about him and being married into a fame-whoring family. He he was very good-looking before he got plastic surgery. His son Brody Jenner looks just like him. Bruce opened up about his botched plastic surgery in a previous episode in KUWTK recalling how the Doctor convinced him on getting more work done when he just wanted to get his broken nose fixed. He said he was at his lowest point in his life. depressed about his second divorce and loosing millions of dollars in both divorce settlements, he went for it to redeem his self-esteem to only end up sinking even more. The media scrutinized him and ripped him apart, being known for having the bad plastic surgery.

On that same episode he also decided to get a face lift to finally fix the botched plastic surgery. I think it was a great decision that he made. It really was bad and I’m sure his self-esteem went back up after years of being made fun of  by the media.

This post doesn’t fit in with the category “Fame & Changes” because his reasons wasn’t for fame, it was about low self-esteem. It’s sad that he felt that he needed to change his whole face to feel better about himself, sometimes we forget that men have feelings too and they can be harsh on themselves about their looks. I’m glad he fixed it and he looks good again, he’ll never get his natural handsome looks but it’s a lot better than before.


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