Airport Style

Following up on my previous airport style post –

Kate Hudson looks casual, comfortable and chic heading to the airport. I love this look, I love fringe bags and looks stylish and simple without having to be so stylish…did that make sense? Lol

Gwen Stefani with her beautiful and stylish family making their colorful way through the airport. I love what she’s wearing, you’ll always find me dressed in either one of those items; boyfriend jeans, flats and a loose off the shoulder top. So maybe I’m being a little bias but it’s all about comfort! She looks adorable, she’s a mom and a superstar so with this simple outfit she can still be comfy and chic.

Lady Gaga accessories but forget to get dressed before heading to the airport. I’m not even going to go there, I’m sure you’re thinking what I’m thinking.

Christina Applegate, the new mama to be looked adorable entering an airport. It’s just easy and it’s especially the best for pregnant women. This is exactly how I dress when I travel, when it’s not winter, a maxi dress, a cardigan or a jeans jacket and flats:


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