Enough is Enough

California we have a problem. I won’t even to in depth about this. There’s so much to say and I have a tendency to go off topic and ramble on. We all know this girl is a mess. Lindsay Lohan has been in jail 4 times and rehab 5 times. Her mother is in denial, is to busy making excuses and blaming Michael Lohan and the media for blowing everything out of proportion and for Lindsays troubles. Just like Lindsay makes excuses for her actions and denies everything. Her career is over, it needs to be over. She needs to go away for a long while, far far away from Hollywood. She loves the paparazzi and has an addiction with fame that alone is a drug. The real drugs are easy to get, even with the ankle bracelets she still drinks alcohol, she isn’t around positive people that want the best for her and she doesn’t have parents to pick her up and help save her and LA is destructive, the judges give her a break, jails are always over crowded for Hollywood starlets and release them early and rehab centers that she attends have obviously never helped her because nothing has changed.

She isn’t going to change. No matter what lies she says to make you feel sorry for her, no matter how many interviews she gets paid to talk about her mistakes and blame others and her father for her faults. She needs to get a grip, wake up and get a dose of reality and stop being in denial and help herself since her parents are doing anything. The only way she’ll change is if she goes away for a few years, get therapy, go to rehab for a little while, stay in jail for a few months and truly dig deep and she needs to want to help save herself.

I don’t know if she wants the same story as Marlyn Monroe but with the way she’s going, she’s either going to have a tragic death or have a heart warming come back story. If I were her, I’d move away, maybe go to college she’s only 24 years old, make new friends that like me for me, deal with my issues about my father – because she clearly resents him – be secluded from Hollywood, not have the media know anything about me. I’d get a real job, I’d work hard to heal myself,  get a dose of real life, maybe get married and have kids and then come back with an amazing movie for an even better Hollywood comeback.

Enough is enough with her. I’m sick and tired of hearing about messing up yet again. She’s messed up in the head! Hollywood needs to blacklist her, paparazzi needs to stop following her and the media should stop reporting on her because it only feeds into her fame addiction. She needs reality, not any more chances.


2 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

    1. Thank you so much Randy! I’m glad you did and hope you continue to do so! Whether it’s positive or negative feedback! Thank you for visiting and I’m so so glad to hear you say you enjoy reading my posts, it means a lot to me. I hope you keep coming back and I hope I’ll hear more from you Randy!

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