Hair Edition: Which looks better?

Katherine Heigal went darker for a movie role recently. I think she looks great in both but if I had to chose I’d say stick to blonde.

Katey Perry added color to her dark hair…I gotta say I dislike it when grown women add colorful highlights or die their hair bright red. Having colorful hair is childish to me and the bright red hair is tacky. Sorry!

Rihanna now changed up her hair to cool-aide right. I don’t like it at all. I get it, you have the freedom to express yourself however you want but express it with fashion not colorful hair. I don’t like either one, and I’m pretty sure she can afford a better wig than this one.

Snookie! I like both looks on her but I think the ‘poof’ made her who she is so I’d say stick to it!

Juliette Lewis…seriously people? I get Rihanna and Katey Perry trying out different hair styles and adding colorful highlights – even though I don’t like it but they are in their 20’s and having fun but this chick is in her 40’s. She’s too old for it. If you’re feeling blue, don’t die your hair blue.

Miley Cyrus…I like the shorter hair. She looks fresh and young – minus her cha cha’s trying to come out to play- the long hair extensions is messy and just doesn’t for her baby face.

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