Man of the Week

Derek Jeter, do I even need to explain? He is yummy. He’s been signed with one team since the beginning of his career, he’s been a Yankee for over a decade, a high profile professional athlete and he comes with no press and no headlines! Shocking! But I love that you never hear anything about him outside the field. He’s about working and living out his dream every day and going back to his reality. We know who he is dating, he’s been seen with actress Minka Kelly and thats all we know about them. That’s how it should be. He’s a dreamy guy, handsome, successful, beautiful smile, nice eyes and did I mention handsome?

Am I jealous? Damn right I am! Confession – I always wanted to date the jock in HS. I love a guy that plays and watches sports, something about it is so attractive to me, getting to cheer him on, wear his jersey, celebrate with him after a  win or comfort him after a loss. I guess I love a man’s man! Hopefully my future hubby will be that type of man!

– Throughout HS I was in an on and off relationship with someone from ‘Thugs-R-Us’ apparently, from the wannabe section! Womp womp. But a football player did have a major crush on me, and I wore his jersey for a day in school and it’s so funny how everyone came up to me asking me about him…hehe 😀

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