Thought of the day

Starting this blog was fun and time consuming, I never cared for the stats. I really enjoy working on it, whether people checked it out or not. I never thought anyone would come across it, like it or even enjoy reading what I have to say. It’s also sort of a diary for me, whatever thought I have I share it and I get feedback and it’s nice to see people relate when I talk about my feelings, my dreams or disagree or agree about my fashion picks. I also love to see the comments where people write to me how much they love this blog, how creative it is and how they have it book-marked! It’s fun to work on posts, I put a lot of effort in it and I’m always trying to come up with fresh ideas and it’s just really cool to see the stats go up! The first few months I started it was slow then all the sudden it boomed and now I have close to 40,000!

My goal is to reach 50,000 hits before the year ends! Think I can do it? I’m going to try to update as much as I can…more than I already do! So let’s see if we can do it dolls!


Damita Ro


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