Interview: Shanna Moakler

CBS: You and Travis Barker have been on and off for years. Perhaps there’s a chance for reconciliation?

SM: “I believe anything is possible, but we both have a lot of growing up to do (still) and we also have a lot of healing. We have gone back and forth as we both have the same dream. We both have strong personalities and we have different parenting styles. This has made it hard.”

CBS: Your children are rarely seen on our website. Do you make a point of staying away from paparazzi-infested spots? Do the paps drive you crazy? Are your children scared of them?

SM: “I make a major point to stay away from paparazzi spots. Sadly, by doing this, I have been criticized as not being a good mother as I am just not ‘seen’ with them as much as my ex is. I find it sad that being considered a good mother meant I had to parade my children around Robertson and Malibu. I have chosen to pass.

Sometimes paps do scare my children and other times not. I have allowed the cameras into my home, I let them see me when I go out with friends. They have covered my marriage and I think it ruined my marriage.

There is one part of my life that I don’t share with anyone and that is my family and children. I don’t need the public or my ex to tell me I am a good mother. I am a great mother!”

CBS: When you were growing up, did you envision your life to be the way it is? What dreams have come true? Which ones haven’t?

SM: I did not envision my children coming from a divorced family. My parents have been married for 40 years and I know the joys of having your parents together. It is something I wanted my children to have.

I can’t saying having your marriage woes played out in the public was part of the plan either! But it’s life and it’s part of what I signed up for to an extent.

I loved Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker together!! We got to know them and fell in love with them on their reality show “Meet The Barkers”. Moakler has a daughter from boxer Oscar De La Hoya and her and Barker have two kids together. They got married, separated, back together, divorced and on and off for years now. He has attacked her parenting and brought up their personal life in public, while other times she’d respond via a blog or simply say ‘no comment’. Even getting into a Twitter argument, when Barker attacked her yet another time, stooping low by saying “My babies mama is a pile of shit.” with her responding with “and no matter how much you sh-t on me in the public, I will never love you again.”

I think there is a lot of love between them, for them to be on and of, of and on constantly, we saw how they were together and how in love they were each other. Sometimes when you love someone so much and try to hold on so tight, it slips through your hands. Also sometimes you have to go through the worst with someone to be the best for each other. Love is a battle, you go to war and you declare peace. If it wasn’t love, if two people don’t love each other so much then they wouldn’t care to attack each other and say things out of anger and to hurt someone.As I always say,  hurt people, hurt people.

I really hope they’ll end up together in the end!

To read the rest of the interview and other personal pictures Moakler shared, go to:

And to know more about their troubles and their back and forth, just google: Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker!


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