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All the hate and racism I’ve been hearing about the Mosque being built in NYC, a block away from the Twin Towers is disturbing and disgusting. Half of America is ignorant. So it’s fair that any other religion can practice their rights other than Islam? Anyone else can be proud of who they are and where they come from expect for Middle Easterners? It’s okay for racial profiling at airports, and searches beyond security check points? If one person did something, the blame should be on that person solely, not the persons religion or nationality. You walk in this earth alone, your actions are yours only. So why should Muslims be treated poorly, be judged and be profiled? We are all equal, whether white, yellow, black or brown. Whether we are Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Jewish and whatever else. Theres only one God and only he can judge us and we only face him on judgment day.When 9/11 happened we all came together — black, white, Spanish, Jewish — a unity was formed now we stand divided….

Look at this disturbing picture..this is what it has come to? You never would see this kind of hate in New York, outside of NY is where you’d see hate like this, but now NYC has turned over. The media makes it worse and so much hate, confusion and ignorance in the air.

This generation kids are studying about the history of slavery and racism of African Americans, the next generation they will be learning about racism over Islam.

I was always proud to be from New York, a cultural town where everyone has a story, everyone is proud of who they are and where they come from; where they have their nationalities flags on their cars or homes, a place where so many different faces that come from different backgrounds sit next to each on the train, kids get to befriend in schools, interracial marriages can be formed, team work can be built at jobs, many different restaurants of different cultures and where no one sees color or religion.

Reminds me of one thing:

‎1955: You can sit on the bus, just not THERE. 2010: You can build a Mosque, just not THERE.

Filmmaker Woody Allen, who recently told a reporter “there’s no real difference between a fortune teller or a fortune cookie and any of the organized religions,” is in full support of the Islamic community center and mosque proposed for Lower Manhattan. At the post-premiere party for his new film, Allen told the Daily News, “Of course I think they should build the mosque. The only people that have a right to weigh in on are the people that were personally involved in 9/11… All of the other people weighing in are doing so for political and exploitation reasons. I feel those people should shut up and just let the people who were personally affected make their case.” Allen went on to say that if while he thinks those who lost loved ones on 9/11 have a right to protest, he would love the chance to change their minds. “If I was speaking to the people who are protesting legitimately, I would try to convince them, if I could, that building the mosque takes a step toward eliminating this kind of thing from happening again,” Allen said. “Preventing the mosque from being built is not a step in the right direction.”

Sick. Twisted. Xenophobic. Hateful. These are words that come to mind when I hear the arguments against the building of the mosque at Ground Zero. What happened to being the accepting beacon of light and liberty that shines bright throughout the world? What happened to an enlightened and educated nation? While these are ideals that we have sought to embody, they are losing ground today.

United States of America is backtracking. Instead of the airwaves and newspapers giving well-balanced news and viewpoints, we are bombarded by propaganda from a religious and zealous right that, despite being the current minority, dominates media coverage. We witness rallies like Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally, where he lays the blame for America’s current problems on the fact that we have lost faith in God. Yet, Muslim-Americans of all backgrounds seek to build a mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero to worship God and enjoy community, but the result is a massive backlash against them. Where is the religious freedom and tolerance America parades globally? It is non-existent in regard to Americans who practice Islam.

When Americans think of Islam, they see boys parading AK-47s, suicide bombers, IEDs, burkas, chadors, stonings, 9/11, jihad and countless others. They see Islam, not through context or its pillars of faith and doctrine, but through the past 100 years when Middle Eastern nations have rid themselves of colonial oppression and began to search for their political identity. The fault lies in a media that has its own agenda, in the lack of education on Islam and its history (its great contribution to many academic disciplines and the renaissance) and on a xenophobic nationalist Christian far right.

The mosque, contrary to popular belief, will not be a breeding ground for terrorism in any way greater than your local church will be for Crusaders for Christ. This is indeed an issue of Religious Freedom.

Any religion has the right to build places of worship where they can in this nation. Islam has over one billion believers worldwide. That means approximately one in six are Muslim. Last time I checked , I did not see one billion Muslims who are terrorists. Yet, articles like “3 Fundamental Questions About the Ground Zero Mosque” by KT McFarland which was on Fox News said “…there are practical security reasons to question the wisdom of a mosque at near Ground Zero…First, might it become a recruitment station for terrorists?… In the Islamic tradition they build monuments to commemorate their great victories… For them a mosque acknowledges the site of a great victory in the name of Allah. So while some see a mosque near Ground Zero as a commemoration for innocents who died, others could claim it as the place where Islamic terrorists triumphed.”

It is because of authors and scholars like this that we have so many problems. Every religion has built monuments to victories but to say the Ground Zero mosque will be a victory site over the U.S. is baseless and unmerited. It is because of this hysteria and deep-seated misunderstanding and hatred for Islam that this mosque has been the sight of such debate.

The far right needs to understand that Muslims are proud to be Americans and even serve this nation in its Armed Forces. This country needs to move on and realize that not all Muslims are terrorists. Most would like to see a greater understanding and respect for their religion than this unfair act of doom and hate.


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