Hermes Overload

Every true fashionista wants a Hermes Berkin in her arm. Personally I want one in black, it’s classic. It is the pinnacle as far as bags are concerned. I have an obsession with handbags, but I know that it doesn’t make sense to buy the same bag in different colors. We need a bag with every outfit but its more chic when it’s a different bag every time.

The plastic looking fame whore Kim Kardashian recently purchased $100,000 worth of Hermes bags in London. She bought 6 bags, all the same but different colors that retails for $10,000 each and a rare one for $30,000. Every time the paparazzi “catches” her she is seen shopping, on a Keeping up with the Kardashians episode two seasons ago she spent $22,000 on a shopping spree in just one store. Good for her, she earned her money by getting naked, having sex on camera, whoring out every endorsement deal and being on a never-ending promotion tour for anything and everything. Anyone should spend their money however they please. The girl has an obsession with looking like perfection and shopping. Deep inside we are all jealous of her ever expanding bank account and her famous for being talentless. Shieeet, I don’t want the fame I’d want the money honey! And I will make it all with my fashion empire! Lol *wishful thinking*

This is the rare $30,000 bag. I only love over-sized bags but this doesn’t work for me. It’s TO big, and with a bag like that it can’t be a bright color.It’s ugly. You can literally fit twin babies in there, whats the point of this big bag for every day?

With her over sized black…

And here is another black one but she has it in a smaller edition. Yes, very necessary to have two same color different sizes.

No wait, it’s nesscarry to have three of the same colored bag! This one is in silver not gold and it’s a medium size.

Taking matching way to far! She matched her beige Berkin with beige..everything!

And you need an all white bag of course!

And there she is with an olive green Berkin…she recently purchased the bags in even more colors.

Victoria Beckham is the First Lady of the Berkin. She’s been seen in them for years, in every color, size and design.  She reportedly owns a 100 and counting of Berkins! Her Hermes Berkin collection alone is worth $2 million. I get that the bags are to-die-for but exactly how many does a girl really need? Even though they are seen as an investment piece that always can be sold in harsh times, I still think 100 pieces of the classic bag is a little bit of a overdue. I actually don’t think I ever seen her wearing a bag other than Hermes and each time its a different one.

Hermes Berkin bags are considered must-haves and status symbols; Robert Chavez, the Hermes president in USA has declared that each bag is handmade and that it takes up to 18 hours to be manufactured in one of the three little workshops in France. The bag was even included on the list of those 50 things one should buy during a lifetime.

With all the money going towards the Berkin bags, they could have built schools and hospitals in Africa, Pakistan and Haiti!!


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