Fame & Changes: Megan Fox

Megan Fox seems flawless huh? Years ago I used to watch Kelly Ripa‘s show Hope & FaithFox played a snobby daughter, I remember thinking how beautiful and exotic looked with her blue eyes, dark hair and then two years later Fox becomes a movie star…with a catch, a different face. I didn’t believe that was the same person. I went on google and soon as I typed her name google  filled in my search with, “Megan Fox before surgery” “Megan Fox before and after surgery”.

Megan Fox was beautiful before her face changed, her look was simple, girl next door and definitely not distinct. She was not a memorable face and would not have catapult to this degree of fame with her original face.

Actresses and celebs will never admit to having plastic surgery, the media puts pressure on them with their appearances and weight so can we blame them for trying to look as best they can? They have an image to sell and though the fans like them as real as they can be and love the flaws because we can compare it to ours

I think she was beautiful before, she looked natural. Now she still is beautiful, but it’s fake beauty. Having flaws is what makes you your own person, an individual. If we all had plastic surgery, we aren’t erasing our genetics and we are all the same! She’s only 24 years old!

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