Artist & Song of the week

Drake has become one of my favorite rappers. I think he is a great lyricist, I’ve mentioned before how he reminds me of Kanye West when it comes to both men having a way of wearing their heart on their sleeve in their lyrics. They have a way of expressing some of their deep thoughts that anyone can relate to.

I’m sure we all like to listen to our music depending on our moods and where we are. There are some music, such as rap that I can only listen to at night while driving, an example of my choice of music for ‘night time drives’ is this song, ‘Aston Martin Music’ by Drake and Rick Ross.

I love the flow of this record and listening to it at night while driving is seriously the best!

“Would have came back for you
I just needed time to do what I had to do
Caught in the life I cant let it go
Whether thats right I will never know.”


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