Fashion: Marchesa

I’m obsessed with Marchesa! Every year they always have a major fashion moment, especially at the Oscars. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig are brilliant women who are the brains behind Marchesa.

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This week during Fashion Week they unveiled their 2011 Spring/Summer collection. One thing I love about them, aside from their fashion is how they present their designs. Instead of a typical runway, they have models poised on pedestals. Brilliant! Fashion is art and it’s just like when you go to a museum and you stand  in front of a piece of art studying and be fascinated by it…this is how Marchesa presents their collection, their set up is like an art gallery, they get fashion better than anyone.

Chapman and Craig used silke tulle, organza and laser-cut silk crepe, with sheer lace  and a palette of “smoked sky, opaque oyster, mint and rose blush.”  But it never came off as weak or soft–the horsehair elements, alabaster stones, and jeweled shields and head pieces added some wildness to the mix.

According to the program they gave out, the collection narrates an “Orientalist inspired journey filled with hand painted silk drapes and ornate hand embroidred jeweled accents to recreate a thousand and one nights of never ending allure and romance.” It was easy to see the influence of nineteenth-century eccentric aristocrat Marchesa Casiti on the work – Casiti happens to be Chapman and Craig’s muse.

Here are a few of my absolute favorites:

This has to be on the red carpet, I see it being a major moment at the Oscars or Emmy’s this year. This oyster one-shoulder silk tulle dress with gilded floral embroidered accents is beautiful and it’s to die!!

This smoked-sky suede dress is literally a piece of art. Someone brave and bold has to wear this dress, you can’t let this dress wear you. I see Heidi Klum in this.

Old Hollywood glam! This can even be worn as a wedding gown! I love the jewels..I love the whole glamour aspect of this soft elgegant dress.

Elegant! Simplicity at its best. Whats special about this dress is that a young women at her 20’s can wear this and also a women in her 50’s and both can pull it off! It would be so flattering on a women that has curves.

Perfection!! I see a lot of actresses in this during a promo tour. Believe it or not, I would dress Angelina Jolie in this. We never see her wear sexy, fitted dresses like this, it would be a shocker and a huge wow moment for her. I love it when you never know what to expect a person is going to wear.

I meannn, perfection! I need this dress in my life. It’s so beautiful, chic and effortless. It reminds me of the 1930’s flapper era.

Review from the New York Times:

“Marchesa, the label of the designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, is known for intensely gorgeous dresses and the sense of drama they impart on a red carpet, like that unforgettable wacky, wadded-up tissue mini worn by Heidi Klum back at the Emmys. The spring collection did not disappoint, filled with dresses for people who don’t want to hear that tired line from designers who say that a dress should not look like it is wearing the woman. Not a woman on earth has the poise to stand apart from a midnight blue silk tulle dress, hand-painted with flowers, so stiff that its skirt stood out nearly four feet wide. This is art.It really is.”

The Canadian Press:

“Many of the pieces were like works of art, certainly not clothes — the aforementioned sculpture dress included. (One has to wonder if it’s possible to move or sit in some of these styles.) It all oozed the glamour that the Marchesa celebrity fans crave. Chapman said the inspiration came from Orientalist paintings. “The era is very evocative of what Marchesa is about. It’s using the Euro esthetic with the Eastern esthetic.”

“Really, no one had to go farther than the entrance of the Marchesa Fashion Week presentation at the Chelsea Art Museum to see “the dress.” It was a huge black-and-white tulle confection decorated in a hand-painted floral motif. “One morning, Georgina (Chapman) came into the office and said, ‘I think we should start the show with the finale,'” said the label’s co-founder Keren Craig.

My common words for Marchesa; Beautiful, perfection, elegant…I know, I know I need to use new and different words! LOL


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