Fashion: Hypocrites & Vein

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Crystal Renn is breaking another barrier for plus-size models and meeting her own personal goals in the process. After walking in the Chanel resort show in May, she’s now taking on the runways of N.Y.C, walking on Saturday night for designer Zac Posen’s Z Spoke line, and she couldn’t be happier! Renn told PEOPLE earlier this week, “I’m freaking out. Zac is one of the ones you want. Zac, Calvin and Marc are the big three. I booked one of my three.” And the brunette beauty has nothing but praise for the designer, who dresses a range of Hollywood stars, from Rachel Bilson to Christina Hendricks. “I got to know [Zac] and to hear him talk about it he gets a woman. He wants women to be able to fit [into] them and to be able to buy them. They’re making the clothes for my size and everything. This is how fashion should be.” And seeing Renn glowing in canary yellow on the Z Spoke runway, we can’t think of a better model for the designer’s fun and feminine styles

– One thing, she is NOT plus size!! Look at her picture, look at her body…is that plus size? Seriously, crap like that upsets me but I try to not let it get to me because this is how the fashion world and the media is, to them if it isn’t a size 0 or a 2 then it’s freakin’ plus size.

After defending thin models during a guest appearance on The View, saying: “Most of these girls are naturally thin and I don’t think we should be discriminating against someone because they are too thin or too curvy or too large or whatever it is.”  Now, I see what she’s saying, but at the same time how can you tell which model is naturally thin and which one is starving themselves every day?

Now Victoria Beckham has changed her mind and has banned size 0 models from her fashion show in NYC. Posh says none of her models will be smaller than a size 6 and has reportedly turned away at least 12 ladies for being “too skinny”. Interesting but seeing the pictures of the fashion show, clearly has it all wrong but there’s just one thing..they are ALL a size 0.

Um…Victoria Beckham, you’re not a fashion designer you’re a celebrity that has her name on a brand to sell, just like all the other celebs with “fashion lines”.  The real designers are the ones working hard on the line every single day and night, sketching and sowing. And her spring dress line that she just revealed..looks cheap and outdated.


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