Fashion Flop

Plastic fame whore queen Kim Kardashian looked ridiculous this week while shopping in NYC. What in the blue hell is those leggings she’s wearing?! They’re just too ugly to even try to explain why I think it’s so ugly.

Another ugly outfit..those jeans look cheap, they don’t go with the Leopard booties or just any top. These shredded jeans only go with black or a white top, sandals or peep toe heels. You have to be dressed really simple to try to pull them off.

She wore this cheap looking laced dress to a party with matching colored wrapped heels. I meann, I don’t need to explain to you how and why it doesn’t look good! Never match heels with your outfits..if it ain’t black on black!!

I was in Los Angeles that week she wore this, it was literally90 degrees out and this moron is wearing a fur vest. She wore out leggings, I’m not even going to bother gathering up allllll the pics of her outfits styled with leggings. Even if it weren’t summer, this outfit wouldn’t look good in winter or even in a cave. It’s too much, I always say she layers to many pieces and over accessories.

This is just tad bit of a collection of her tacky ugly outfits.


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