You’re famous & rich NOT invisible!

This year has not been a good year for some of the celebs with all the rehabs, arrests, scandals and jail stints. What I don’t understand is how do they go from being on top of the world to jail? T.I goes from having a number album and single and stepping into super stardom and being huge in the rap game to facing 28 years in prison but instead goes in for one year, leaving behind five young children. Lil Wayne went from having one of the biggest years in hip hop to also being in jail for a year, but before that he fathered 3 kids and has 12-year-old daughter. Can you imagine how these kids feel?

Lindsay Lohan is the picture perfect example of a young Hollywood star, she’s had 5 stints in rehab, four arrests and finally goes to jail, but only for 13 days and is now talking about how she is a changed person and a whole bunch of lies and excuses. Paris Hilton gets busted twice for marijuana, gets away with it than gets arrested for cocaine possession..she’ll probably get away with that also. What I don’t understand is how come celebs in Hollywood get it easy when rappers do the time? It’s always “overcrowded”. You do the crime, you do the time! No matter who or where you are!

Then of course we have the Tiger Wood and Jesse James scandals, I’m sure there’s more of these hot messes that I didn’t mention. Do they really think because they are rich and famous they are somehow invisible? They think they can get away with anything, and when busted there are always lame excuses, ‘It wasn’t me’, ‘I made a mistake I’m human just like you’,  ‘my Twitter account was hacked’ or the best one yet from Paris Hilton, “It wasn’t my purse, I thought the cocaine was gum”.

But I have to talk about T.I and Tiny. I’m sure you heard they got arrested this morning, our very own Bonnie and Clyde ladies and gents. They were released on $10,000 bail each. T.I recently came out of jail for a year for possession of illegal guns, and is in probation for 3 years. He came out with interview after interview saying how he’s changed his ways and he’s leaving all that behind and is going to redeem himself. He did get redemption and he just messed it up. People believed him, they felt bad for him, his album was number one, he just got married to his longtime girlfriend and one of the mother of his kids, he now has the number 1 movie in America and he gets arrested again, this time for a felony possession of a controlled substance of Ecstasy, Meth and busted with marijuana.

What happened to “the old me is dead and gone” and the heartfelt lyrics of his song ‘Dead and Gone’?

“Time to think, before I make mistakes just for my family’s sake
That part of me left yesterday
The heart of me is strong today
No regrets I’m blessed to say
The old me dead and gone away.” much for that. Like they say, a leopard never changes its spots. Like do they really expect Lindsay Lohan to clean and sober up all of a sudden? No matter what she says interviews the girl needs to get it together, she needs to want to get better and needs to be out of Hollywood.

This whole thing with T.I and Tiny is ghetto. Will his career suffer? Probably not, as long as he puts out good music he will always sell and will always have his fans. The only price he’ll pay is jail again, he isn’t a Kardashian, Hilton or Lohan so he’ll dodge the media scrutiny’s bullets. He’s a rapper, it’s expected for these things to happen but the difference with him is that he was liked by the public, he was mainstream not just rap fans were listening to him. I think people really believed him when he went on the quest for redemption, he went on to visit schools and speak to kids about staying away from drugs, gangs and guns. He had a show on MTV called Road to Redemption before he went to jail where he visited young kids homes, mentored them and guided them to the right path. It’s disappointing and hypocritical. He’s also a father, he’s absent as it is when he’s on the road and already left them for a year for prison why risk it again? No matter how rich you are, you can’t buy your freedom. His wife Tameka is an idiot, I’m sorry but she is. Screw the ‘I ride or die for my man‘ crap, you’re a mother before being a man’s wife. If you know that this is what your husband is doing them don’t be with him in that environment. Stay home and be with your kids, you never know what can happen. Just because he’s rich and famous doesn’t mean nothing can happen. He isn’t invisible. It’s just so ghetto to me. He should have been smarter than that, he’s on a three year prohibition and he was ordered not to commit another federal, state or local crime while being on supervised release, and also ordered not to illegally possess a controlled substance. He was also told to take drug tests and participate in a drug and alcohol treatment program.

I’m sure his statement will be about ‘it wasn’t mine’, ‘I don’t do drugs’ or ‘I made a mistake’, ‘I need help, going to rehab’, ‘I was set up’ and blah blahhh blahhhh.

Look at this classy picture of this ghetto mother and wife of a rapper. Whether she was taking the drugs with him or not, being at the wrong place at the wrong time..she’s still a part of it because she knows what her husband is doing, she was arrested before when he was busted with the guns, she wants to ride or die for her man then hopefully she enjoyed another ride to prison with her man. They deserve whatever comes to them, especially T.I,  hopefully that it will and they don’t get a ‘celebrity get out of jail free pass’ like the rest of these hooligans.

Look at rappers such as 50 cent, Jay Z, Eminem and Kanye West. They stay clear from all that nonsense. From 50 cent, you used to hear about the drama he would stir up with other artists, but never arrested, busted or caught doing anything bad, now you don’t hear from him at all, he’s working on movies. Eminem, he went through his drug addictions privately,  you never ever see him anywhere when he doesn’t have an album to promote, he disappears, no interviews, no appearances, not even paparazzi shots and he just comes back with hit albums after the next.  Jay Z, he’s a married man and you only see him when he is promoting or on vacations with his wife, he is one of the most respected men in the music industry. Kanye West, you only hear bad things about him when he sometimes opens his mouth. But he’s never gotten into any trouble. They’re all clean, talented and have it together and still manage to be on top of the world. You don’t need drugs, guns and whatever else to go through your days. 50 cent, Eminem, Jay Z and T.I come from ghetto and rough neighborhoods, they’ve had their time of selling drugs and carrying guns to protect themselves but they made it out and they never looked back. Men like that get out of bad situations and do good for themselves and their families are respected men, they empower young kids not tell them not to do this because you will end up dead or in jail but then go and do it, it’s being fake and a hypocrite. Practice what you preach, they are public figures. Young boys try to dress like them, they are trying to be rich like them, they see how they present themselves and listen too all they talk about and they want to do and be the same way. These boys want to get out of where they are from just like these rappers did, they think if they did it they can too. All they hear in their music is about money, so instead of going to college they are busying tying to make money and get schooled about the streets. I know that these artists aren’t baby sitters, but they need to know what kind of message they put out. They are being admired based on what these kids see, they don’t know them and yet they are being called ‘role models’. They are the ones making these people rich and famous, all they ask for is autographs, meet and greets and pictures and most of them snub these fans and that’s the least these artists can do, yet they are ungrateful and fake. There persona and what they say and their work is what sells, not who they are personally. I don’t admire, look up to them or call them my role models. I’m a fan of the artist based on what they put out, not just their music or movies. Their personal life is their own, it’s no ones business but you are a public figure, choose the person/artist you want to be and stick to it. Do whatever you want to do, it’s your life and your choices, don’t contradict yourself and be disloyal to the fans that support you and make you rich and famous and realize that you are on a platform and the world is your audience and among those sitting and watching you are young kids. They aren’t your responsibility but don’t be dumb enough to not realize your actions can be followed. You asked for fame, you got to the destination of your dreams and the fans are the ones that made all your dreams come true.


Some newlyweds have His & her’s towels, but as for the ghetto version of Bonnie & Clyde they have his and hers mug shots!!

P.S Tameka, you’re 36 not 6, stop with the colored hair.


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