Winter Wonderland

I just saw these photos I had on my laptop from winter this past February. It’s right outside my house in Brooklyn, New York.  In NYC we either get the worst winter and the worst summer or we get the best winter and the best summer. NYC isn’t in between! Lol. If you have straight hair, you want curly hair, if you want curly hair you want straight here. In winter you want summer and in summer you want winter. You are never satisfied. The beauty of NYC, and obviously many other states is the seasons. My favorite season is the fall, where it’s not hot and it’s not cold. It’s just beautiful. My favorite time of year is Christmas because of the lights, snow and the beautiful decorations. Manhattan is beautiful during Christmas time and also a hassle because thats the time of year where tourists come to visit the most and get to see the beauty of the city of lights for themselves.

I honestly can’t wait for winter, put on my Uggs and bundle up with knitted hats, different colored scarves, new winter jacket, warm gloves and hot chocolate milk with movie nights by our fireplace while waking up to snow, a beautiful white winter wonderland before cars ruin it and owners take out their shuffles. It’s the first time in a long time where I’m looking forward for winter, beside my California and Las Vegas vacation this summer in NYC has been long, hot, sticky and dreadful.

I dislike New York, maybe it’s because I’m from here. Just like our hair and weather, we are never satisfied with what we have and where we are. But the more I travel, the more I realize there is truly no place like home…


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