False Advertisement

Ralph Lauren was under fire last year after they released this ad. They fired the model for gaining weight and they photo shopped her last photos with them. I don’t understand how advertisers, marketing directors and desginer for this franchise think that the consumers will love to see this unrealistic women and buy the clothes. I don’t get it. If I were a fashion designer, my ads would be of women with all shapes and sizes because these are the one that buy the clothes. Be true to them. Be realistic. No women looks like that, and the women that do is because of ads like this and the pressure they put on models and women in society.

This is nothing new, it’s just another designer releasing false advertisement and photo shop.

This is what happens. Eating disorders, bringing and even death for trying to be skinny. America seems to think the skinnier you are the more beautiful you are. They want the women to be blonde, skinny and white. Everywhere you go, there are advertisements of (photo-shopped) unrealistically skinny models, all you see in fashion shows are skinny models that look like they are starving, everything you watch is about weight, the commercials that are telling you to lose weight and how you can easy and fast, the diet industry   is a billion dollar empire, everything you hear about a famous person is how much weight she gained, or how fat she is or that she still hasn’t lost the baby weight when the women just popped out a child. These girls take drugs, starve and kill themselves to be skinny like the picture above of Lindsay and Nicole.

Look at Lindsay’s arms, they look like the skeleton that is in your science class. Look at her face, how did she live that? she looks like she needs oxygen sucked in. Look at Nicole’s shoulders and you can see her ribs. Thankfully these girls look healthy now, still skinny but a normal skinny. Remaining like this could have killed them, just like it kills many girls all over the world. If young girls see famous women that look like that and get ridiculed for their weight what do you think that does to them?

It’s just disgusting. We are in 2010, we still can’t embrace ourselves and how we are shaped. Society will never allow us to, Hollywood is corrupted and it’s what influences many lives, you no longer here ‘I want to be a doctor’ it’s ‘I want to be in Hollywood and be famous.’   The media makes headlines out of celebs, like Jessica Simpson two years ago when she looked perfectly fine and skinny wearing size 4 jeans but just because she wasn’t as skinny as she was when she was married, it was somehow a big deal so they made her a target and made her out to be fat instead of headlining world news.  They are killing young girls; killing their lives, their self-esteem and their confidence. For what? What’s the price for that? How is it worth it? How is it even necessary? Why can’t they be more realistic and appreciate real women, with real bodies and leave women alone, leave our bodies alone. We aren’t sculpted, we are human. Do they forget that we are human?


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