Thought of the Day

I wish I can fast forward through life and  get to the part where I’m living out my dreams being a stylist and a boutique owner. It’s all I want and now that I’m getting older, I feel closer to my dreams, it literally keeps me up all night. When I was younger I thought being married, having kids and living in a white picket fence home is what would make you happy. I can care less now about all of that. Before love, before kids, before the house and the happily ever after I want my dreams to come true. I have set goals for myself and want to accomplish them before 30. I feel that in your 20’s you need to be selfish of your time and you need to do everything you want before settling down. You’re mind is constantly changing on what you want to do, should I go back to school? Is this really what I want to be doing? So many thoughts go through your head, because this is the time when you find out who you are and what you want to be.

As for me, I’ve always know what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. I’ve always wanted to be in fashion, now I’m learning what part of the fashion world I want to be in. I’ve grown a passion for styling, I want to be a stylist and style photo shoots. I want to own a boutique, and mix high and low designers. Something for every kind of women, whether she can afford to spend a $300 dress, or the college student that can only afford a $40 top, the career women who feels and looks good while she is at work and for the moms who don’t want to lose themselves and still feel good, without spending so much money to do so.  I want my boutique to be for all kind of women. The tall one, skinny one, curvy, big or short. The career women, the stylish student, the mom, the hip grandma, the wealthy women or a fashionista teen.  I also want to be in interior design, own a business for it and decorate homes.

I also know I want to be a wife and mother. Marriage scares me because of the divorce I went through with my parents but I still believe in it. More than anything I want to be a mom, and be the Mother to them that sometimes my mother couldn’t be for me. Own a business for myself and building a strong foundation with my partner. Not rely on a man for anything. Have intellectual conversations with him instead of complaining to him about the kids and how tired I am.

I want so much for myself. My mother is a career women, she held her own without a man and took care of two children. Even when she was married she was working and after the divorce she worked and every person I know has so much respect for her. She thought me that by a college degree you can go anywhere in life, because even if you fall that degree will be their to pick you up. She isn’t working an odd job, she is respected in her field and is a strong women that instilled in me so much.

I want to make my mother proud and also make myself proud. I just want to press fast forward and get to the part where I’m living out my dreams. For now, I can’t press the pause or stop button. I have to keep the play button and see where life takes me.


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