When being a fame-whore goes wrong

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are two of the most annoying famous people famous for nothing ever.

What a coincidence that now they are “divorcing” and Spencer is leaking a sex tape.  I think it’s all a publicity stunt. The media have gotten sick of them and their fame-whoring ways (Why haven’t they gotten sick of Kardashian’s ways is beyond me).  Spencer is a little coocoo for coco puffs but I don’t think he’s that much of a horrible person that would go as far as leaking a sex tape of his wife. A tape that is somehow before and after surgery of Heidi. And also features a girl on girl action between Heidi and a Playboy mate. How ironic!

I think she is in on this and is going to play the victim to the media. Spencer has always been the villain on The Hills and that’s what had made him the person you love to hate. They did have their 15 mins, now they are trying to extend it any way they can by trying to do whatever it is they can. She did the surgeries in hopes to garner a massive amount of media coverage and released her album the same week she revealed her new face and body. That failed. Now look, with the news of the sex tape their names are on the press again.

Kim Kardashian thinks she is idolized by fans for her…..um…..plastic beauty, flaunting her butt, selling her body for fame, being a fame-whore that always makes sure her name is on the press, being a horrible actress, supposedly a fashion designer, stinky perfume maker, a reality star and whatever else she decides to be at the moment in which she will follow with “It’s been a dream of mine” blah.

Anyway, what she is really known and idolized for her is the sex tape. As I said before, girls are looking at her and seeing how he scame about and think to themselves I can be like that, I can live this rich, famous and glamorous life too…if I make a sex tape. Now with Montana Fishbourne wanting to follow in Kim’s footsteps and now the same goes for Heidi and Spencer. Spencer isn’t stupid. He knows all those opportunities came to Kim because of her leaking the tape. Kim turned a negative thing into a positive and she has shown everyone how to do it. The girl made $5million from the tape and still profits from it to this day, and probably the rest of her life since the tape was the highest selling celeb sex tape, she hasn’t stopped it so it’s still out there for people to watch, she got $500,000 to pose naked for Playboy right after, and now makes $6million a year from all her endorsement deals and everything else she does. Heidi has already done Playboy, they aren’t on a reality show now, her “singing” career failed and so has her clothing line and they want to be big stars. There is no money coming in for them now, tabloids stopped paying them big bucks for an interview and they have nothing to promote.

Spencer has admitted that he plots stories for publicity, calls paparazzi to follow them and creates rumors to keep their name in headlines. Everything he has done has failed. He needs to take a “Fame-whoring: How do keep your name in the headlines” 101 class from Kris Jenner and Kim Kartrashian.

Pratt recently released a statement saying” “When I realized how much Kim Kardashian was making, my logic is this is the best thing I can do for my ex-wife. Kim is on the cover of Allure right now. Heidi isn’t on the cover of Allure. This tape will make Kim Kardashian look like an amateur.”

What is this teaching young girls? It’s teaching them that if you want to be famous and rich you need to show off your body, pose naked, release sex tapes and degrade yourself in every way. Go on reality tv, make an ass of yourself and do whatever you can to cause a stir. Girls are following the Kardashians, they are looking at them and copying everything they wear, buying everything they endorse, watching their tv shows, and think that they are their role models because they live this life that was so easy to get that they think they can get it to. Kardashian’s are whats selling and buzzing now, they aren’t going away, they won’t allow it. So Spencer and Heidi, Montana Fishbourne and who ever else, they want a piece of it. Now all you see is naked pictures of celebs being leaked and suddenly they are more famous than they ever were.

As for Spencer and Heidi, I highly doubt this will work for them. I don’t even think there is a sex tape. It’s just a way to keep their names in the headlines. Next week will be something else about them. Then they will magically work things out and put the divorce on hold and come up with a reality TV show showing them working on their marital issues. We have learned and gotten better with this Spencer, Kardashians are way ahead. They are plotting and loving this, the media seems to love controversy, reality tv stars and sex tapes and not covering Angelina Jolie’s, Sean Penn, Andersen Cooper and other well known A-Lists, charitable work, whats going on in Pakistan, rebuilding Haiti and so on. Instead of feeding world hunger, they are feeding into non worthy celebrity news.

Update: Spencer and Heidi were spotted in Costa Rica together. Check out TMZ.com. Are we even surpraised?

Update: As per Radaronline.com –

Multiple legal experts have confirmed to RadarOnline.com that all parties involved in a sex tape must consent to the release or else it is a slam-dunk lawsuit for the party that didn’t consent. If the tape is released, the party who hasn’t agreed can sue for invasion of privacy and a host of other legal issues. And they are nearly guaranteed of a huge court victory.

That’s the dirty little secret with celebrity sex tapes – the celebrity has to agree to its release and they always profit off the sales. Paris Hilton still gets a cut of her tape’s profits as does Kendra Wilkinson. Kim Kardashian settled for $5 million after dropping her lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment.

RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively that the real reason Heidi has been hidden in the past months is because she has been advised that photos sales of her would garner more income if the market. RadarOnline.com has also learned that there will soon be a barrage of Heidi photos to capitalize on the current attention focused on her and Spencer as their relationship dramas take another turn.

TMZ.com – We’re told Heidi has agreed to listen to Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch when he arrives in Costa Rica to make an offer on the footage … some of which is said to contain girl on girl action with Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon.

We’re told Heidi wants Hirsch to provide her with the sales numbers on Kim Kardashian’s sex tape — which was also released through Vivid — because Heidi may be interested in working out a “back-end deal” if Steve can’t offer enough cash up front to satisfy Montag.



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