Looks of the Week

Drew Berrymore (who a lot of people say I look like!) attended her movie premiere in London wearing an Alexander McQueen dress. I like the look, it’s simple and cute..however, it’s too simple for a movie premiere. I would wear this to dinner or an event. I don’t like red lips, so that’s a no for me. She’s the star of the movie, why not dress up and look like a star.

Jennifer Aniston was spotted doing promotions for her movie wearing this Dolce & Gabanna tweed sheath. No, no, no. Grey heels with a grey dress, no. The dress itself, major no. It looks like a carpet that morphed to a dress. She changed up her hair, I’ll give her that for effort. I don’t like tweed dresses. Look isn’t working for me. Try again Jen.

Kim Kardashian is shockingly wearing a form fitting dress that is tight enough to showcase her favorite asset. What a shocker! Sike. I like the dress and I love the leopard print Christian Louboutin heels, I love black dresses with different color heels, especially when styled with leopard printed ones. I don’t like her hair and those clip on bangs gotta go. I would have had her hair styled in a pony tail with curls or curls styled half up and half down. Her arms are also missing some bangles.

Whitney Port..the outfit is ugly. That top is ugly, those shorts are ugly and the flats are ugly. Look at her legs, I have never seen legs this tall and skinny. That’s it, I have nothing else to say.

Demi Lovato attended her 18th Birthday pary wearing a Herve Leger dress and Christian Louboutin pumps. She looks 38. I don’t like this look on her, she’s too young and recently she said that Kim Kardashian is her style icon (no comment) and she looks like she is trying to look like her instead of her young self. It’s too much going on. Dress your age!

Pamela Anderson, first of all she NEVER looks good. Ever. She always looks trashy and half naked. This is the most clothing I’ve ever seen on her and too bad it ain’t so good. The jumper is ugly and those boots with it is even uglier. I meann, I can’t even go on. It literally hurts my eyes.

Kristen Bell wore this printed saffron button-up and coordinated miniskirt and cut-out booties. Are you kidding me? Who is her stylist? Seriously. This literally kills me inside to look at.

Julia Roberts, you are a very pretty woman but this is pretty hideous. It’s all sort of hideousness. I can’t even get into it.

Finally, a winner! Jessica Szcohr wore this ruffled mini red dress to an event and she rocked it! I like the heels, the hair and the make up. She let the dress do the talking by keeping the make up light and having her hair away from her face and shoulders. I like it, I really like it.


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