Fame & Changes: Aubrey O’Day

Since the beginning of Making the Band, Aubrey always stood out.. but for good reasons. She had a fun personality, dressed cute and a free spirit that says whatever is on her mind.  Then every new season came with a new Aubrey. She went from plain jane to stylish cute to glamurous to Barbie wannabe.

Danity Kane really had a great potential to become a powerful girl group. Every member had something to offer. They had number one albums, they were everywhere..literally, they were on tour, on the radio and on reality TV. If you give that much limelight to anyone, fame becomes up for grabs and Aubrey grabbed it and hold on tight.  She gained fans and fame on her own and I think that’s when problems started. Aubrey was the star, she was posing half naked, she was rubbing her boobs on a news anchor when they had just signed a teenage clothing line and her face was changing. It messed up their brand. She started doing things that didn’t represent the image Danity Kane was going for.

She didn’t handle herself well. I watched this video of hers where she addresses all her “haters”. She starts talking about how sad it is that society puts women under the microscope and just makes them feel insecure. She then explains that women shouldn’t feel bad about themselves, that they should feel comfortable about their bodies because it’s what’s inside that matters. Inspiring right? Not really. Then she takes off her top to show a real woman. As a viewer, how the heck am I going to take what she said seriously when she herself has inflated breasts, manually pumped lips, and God knows whatever else she did to herself. Everything she said was true, I just wish she looked in the mirror while she said it. I would have believed it if it was Kate Winslet or Meryll Streep who said it, not O’day. Honestly, I think she pretty before she let the doctor touch her. Now she just looks.. plastically horrible. Hopefully she cleans her image up and stops posting half naked pictures of herself and pictures of breasts on Twitter.  I mean she doesn’t need to act and look like an angel. Just look at Lady Gaga. Girl wears Halloween costumes every day, but I’m sure there are tons of people that respect her as an artist, nonetheless.


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