Four Annoying Voices on TV!

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I literally cannot listen to these following women when they are on TV. I don’t know what blue moon people are from that can watch, hire and listen to them. I put them on mute, for instance Jay Z was appearing on BET’s 106 & park and obviously you don’t know what time the artists come on so I had the show on while I was waiting for him to come out and I couldn’t stand Rocsi‘s voice and Terrence J in general. They literally annoyed my life. I couldn’t believe how much she aggravated me.

Rocsi Diaz: C0-host of BET‘s 106 & Park. I don’t know what is wrong with the head honchos of BET but they must be deaf. Terrence J annoys my life and as for Rocsi Diaz I would rather be in a cage full of monkeys, tigers and lions then have to listen to her screeching annoying voice.

Julissa Bermudez: She also used to work at BET and is now on MTV and she hosts reunion shows such as Jersey Shore and The Real World. Her annoying voice doesn’t make it better with her heavy Spanish accent. She is a pretty girl but pretty doesn’t look good with annoying. She isn’t even a good host.

Adrienne Bailon: Where do I start? Another one with a Spanish accent, annoying voice and personality. I have nothing against Spanish accents but they over do it, as if they are trying hard for it to come out! She starts mostly every sentence with ‘Yooo’ and she isn’t a good host at all, a talented singer yes but acting and hosting hell no. The way she talks is annoying, I guess that’s what irks me the most. They should send these girls to TV hosting classes 101 before putting them on air with their own TV gigs. I can’t stand to listen to her…I feel like I’m repeating myself with my explanation of my dislike towards them..but they are all God-damn equally annoying!!!

Elizabeth Hasselbek: I meannnnn, pretty much half the world can’t stand her. She is a pretty women for sure but she’s annoying with her arguments and some of her opinions. I couldn’t stand listening to her when she would defend Bush and when she was backing up John McCain during the candidacy for president between McCain and Obama. But I love watching her and Joy Behar battle it out, 98% I agree with everything Joy Behar says so I love when she puts Elizabitch in her place. She also just tries too hard and never budges in.

Out of all them, the most annoying to me has to be Rocsi Diaz.


One thought on “Four Annoying Voices on TV!

  1. Hahaha, this is hilarious. I tried supporting them being that I have Latin roots as well, but I could only take so much especially Adrienne. Sorry but I am tuning out forever I can’t watch this stupid shit anymore I’d rather watch the Kardashians (ewwww) over this bs. There comes a time when people who are trying to make it big in life when certain people need to or should want to better themselves I.e., there vocabulary list even Beyonce has improved her speaking abilities. Anyways please sorry girls maybe is you stopped drinking so much and worrying about the next dude maybe you could actually be the next JLo or whatever you aspire to be, but until continue to only get Telemundo and a float on the Puerto Rican day parade type of gigs!

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