Crossing the line

The above picture caused a lot of controversy, along with dozen bikini photos of the 14-year-old model, Kendell Jenner. Are we even surprised? Her mother is Kris Jenner, the brains behind the fame-whoring Kardashians and the mother that urged her daughter to pose naked for Play Boy after having a sex tape released. The daughter that is Kendell’s half-sister Kim Kardashian. Khloe, Kim and even Bruce Jenner defended the pictures saying she is a model and that’s what models do and to leave it alone because there is nothing to racy about it. I won’t even get into it…

My opinion is that she is too young to pose in skimpy bikinis. She doesn’t need to be posing in bikinis at her age, she is a little girl and little girls that are models pose for clothing brands like Macy’s or Gap and have fun, playful and kid friendly shoots. She is just 14 years old! She has her whole life ahead of her to pose in bikinis and be exposed like that. Her body is hers, no boys or men all over the world need to see it. My mother always told me that everything comes in time and in age. I had to wait till I was in High School to put on eye liner, I had to wait till I was 14 to have a cell phone and so on. Maybe it’s a different generation and times and kids today defiantly has changed.  I’m only 21 years old but when I was that age I couldn’t even cross the street by myself let alone pose half-naked in a bikini for the world to see. So call me old-fashioned, traditional or whatever but there’s a thin line that needs to be crossed. The girl is young, she needs to act and live her age. Let her be a model, but she looks like she is trying to be in Victoria Secrets. You might think the pictures are the same as being on the beach in a bikini at 14..there’s a huge difference. Her pictures are for the world to see, there are nasty men out there that God knows what they do and it’s just to much exposure for her. Leave the half naked pictures to her sister Kim.

Momager Kris needs to stop pimping out each member of her family and stop dressing like her daughters. Her other daughter that is 12 is also now modeling. She doesn’t skip a beat.


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