Who wore it better?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Scwhinger both rocked a Victoria Beckham sheath. I’m going with Nicole, the shoes goes with the dress.

Natalie Portman and Eva Mendes wore a summary Vena Cava dress. I’m going with Eva, the dress is fun and cute to go out shopping in with wedges and than switch to heels for dinner. But I don’t like how Natalie wore it, not with those heels and black shall.

Kristen Bell and Selma Blair wore a Stella McCartney hoop dress…WTF is it? Is it supposed to be water proof or is it left over from Lady Gaga’s wardrobe? But if I had to chose I’d go with Blair.

Vanessa Manillo and Kendra Wilkinson wore a Hale Bob maxi dress. I love demin jackets with maxi dresses, so I’m going with Vanessa. I like her hair, the wedges and it looks effortless. Kendra on the other hand is taking the fun dress to seriously with a side bun hair do and heels.

Rihanna and Kristen Cavallari both looked ridiculous in this dress or whatever it is. I get Rihanna wearing it but it’s not for Kristen. Rihanna over did it with the stockings and ankle booties and Kristen just looks plain dumb.


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