Flops of the Week

Angelina Jolie sparkled in an embellished Amanda Wakaley gown at the London premiere of her movie. I don’t like the dress at all. It doesn’t look finished. It’s nice to see her in color (always wears Black) and I love her newly lighten locks and the bangs. But it would be nice to see her in different styles, she gets it right but it’s somewhat boring. With her beauty I would have so much fun playing around with different looks for her.

Jennifer Aniston attending the premiere of her new movie ‘The Switch’, wore a Lanvin mini dress. I hate the heels, I don’t like stringed heels. Her hair is boring, she always wears it the same way. Her style is blah and very plain. Again, it’s nice to see some of these women in different looks. Fashion should be fun, especially in red carpet events. The dress is blah to me, it also looks cheap.

The non-talented sells her body for fame Kim Kartrashian paired the printed mini dress with a belt, a blazer, a set of necklaces and Christian Louboutin boots. First of all, it’s summer why are you wearing suede boots? Second of all, I hate boots like that paired with dresses. I don’t look the mid-leg boots style period. Third of all, the idiot wears a blazer with every single outfit. She always over does it. The dress is loud enough, no need for a necklace and a blazer. I would have removed the necklace, the boots and the blazer. I would have kept the belt and switched the boots to a pair of flats or peep toe nude heels and put her hair in a high pony tail with a thick braid on the side.

The beautiful Sofia Vergara with the annoying accent and voice wore a satin Ports 1961 dress..What is it supposed to be? The dress looks like it was a curtain and squished together and pinned to make a mini dress. No me gusta en todo.


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