Flop of the Week

I love me some Chris Brown but I don’t love me a tacky outfit. Where do I begin? Brown attended the red carpet premiere of his movie Takers (where it’s one fine actor after the other, T.I, Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Michael Ealy & even more!) First of I hate when guys (and girls) wear sun glasses everywhere, if there ain’t no sun beaming on you, take off the shades! I especially hate it when celebs wear them in interviews, TV appearances and events. It’s just tasteless to me. Anyway, I don’t like the shades. Second, those leopard print sneakers are ugly and third, the Louis Vuitton scarf or whatever that is has to go and finally, the vest needs to go away too. I love a man in all black, it would have better off if had on different sneakers, black perhaps and took off the LV scarf and the vest and just had on the button down and jeans. Or switch it up, the rest of men all wore suits and looked very dapper. It would have been a nice look for him if he would have tried a different look, a grown man look by wearing a suit. I would have had him wear a light or dark grey suit with a black button down and black shoes.

Like this:


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