A little too far

As you all know I can’t stand Kim KarTRASHian. Yes I know I cover her quite often for someone who dislikes her but she gives me so much to talk about because unlike any other ‘celeb’ she is always out there doing something for attention.

In an upcoming spread in Elle, 29 year old Kim takes the term ‘cougar’ to another level for a sexy spread with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

The shoot is based on the 1967 movie “The Graduate,” in which an older woman seduces a much younger man. Shot in the Bahamas, Justin and Kim are photographed playing in the ocean, lounging side by side and as typical Kim she has to be somewhat half naked, even if it’s in front of a 16 year old. In one shot, while Biebs is holding a camera she struts in lingerie.

I get the concept of the shoot, I do. But I don’t get why it’s with a 16 year old boy, that looks like he’s 10 and it’s with a woman who shot to fame from a sex tape, done Playboy and everything else she stands for. If they wanted to use Kim for this shoot, than a choose an actor who is at least 20 years old since she is almost 30. That still gives the theme of an older woman seducing a younger man. Heck even use Chace Crawford who is 25 or Chris Brown who is 21! NOT a 16 year old boy! If they wanted to use Justin Bieber for this than choose another woman,  like Taylor Swift who is 19 or Jordin Sparks, 21.

It is what it is though, society we live in now has changed for the worse. Kids act like they are older than they are, do things that aren’t for there age and they get away with it. Instead of hearing about artists that are not only talented but give back and are noble such as Alicia Keys and Shakira, we hear about sex tapes, reality stars and it’s what kids want to imitate because they see the amount of fame, money and recognition they get.

Here’s an example:

On why the 19-year-old wants to release her sex tape: “I’ve watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape.” Montana Fishburne, daughter of actor Lawrence Fishburne

Listen, I’m not going to hate on her and continue to bash her. I think it is commendable what Kim Kardashian has been able to do with her brand since the release her sex tape. She has made people forget how she cam about. She has been snagged for many endorsements by companies that would have normally turned down someone with a “porno” past. The difference is, it was an intimate sex tape with her boyfriend that “supposedly” got leaked not a “porno” like this young girl is trying to do. But this is what I mean by disliking what Kim stands for. Girls now “look up to her” because they see the glitz and glamour of her life and they think to themselves, ‘if she got all this fame and money from a sex tape, than that’s easy I can do the same thing’. She didn’t come about from talent, her only talent was having sex with someone famous and having a curvy body that milked for what it is worth.  How do girls say they look up to that? You don’t hear them say they admire Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Alicia Keys or Carrie Underwood.  Now the media only covers Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore and the rest of the hooligans.


I think this shoot was taking things too far. It may be just a photo shoot for people but I sure don’t see it that way. Do you? I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Here are some comments that I came across reading that I agree with:

“yeah I think that was a little to over the top and he is way to young for that type of photo shoot because the theme is not very becoming, in fact it is kind of sickening if you think about it. Because it reeks of double standard, if a girl Bieber’s age would have done the same thing parents and other people would be screaming and hollering it is wrong but since it is a young boy then it isn’t that bad…smh… a kid is a kid and it is sad that they grow up so fast and shame on Elle for okaying this”

“Justin Bieber is not mature enough to do risque photo shoots….for God’s sakes he still looks like a 12 yr old boy”

“This is sum bullls*hit. What is Kim doin? I will say the pictures are really nice but he is 12 for cryin out loud!!!!”

“oh wow, disgusted, *barf* really? When does the attention whoring end?? *rolls eyes*”

“i have a problem with these pics…”

“Justin Bieber is not mature enough to do risque photo shoots….for God’s sakes he still looks like a 12 yr old boy”

“If it was a boy Chris Browns age than it would have been more appropriate”

For more pictures go too http://www.Elle.com


Bill O’Reilly slammed the photo shoot saying how inappropriate it is with Kim’s age. Saying “It’s gross. It’s a 16 year old having an affair with a celebutant! I will tell you this, if a 16 year old girl was pictured with a 29 year old man in any of that, he’d be in big trouble.”


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