King T.I & his Queen Tiny

Rap superstar T.I and former R&B singer with the group ‘Xscape‘ and his fiance Tameka aka Tiny have been together since 2001 and are now finally getting married. They have two kids together and he has three from previous relationships and she has one from a previous relationship as well and they also had a daughter that was born prematurely and died the same day of her birth. As we all know T.I was recently in prison for a few months from gun charges and she remained by his side. She was on a reality show on BET along with Toya, Lil Wayne’s ex-wife.

He has praised Tiny many times for being there for him through thick and thin, saying she is a ride or a die chick to the fullest. I think their relationship is sweet, its real, it’s private and it’s also true friendship. I know what you guys are thinking, she isn’t all that beautiful and that he can do better but you know what, there are some real men out there that don’t go for looks. They go for the heart. It’s rare but we tend to forget that are men out there like that. I have a lot of respect for him, he is a real man and he doesn’t care what the blogs say about their relationship and how she looks. For everyone person, there is someone who see’s something special in us that no one else can. Especially in this industry and being a rap superstar, knowing that there are groupies everywhere and that he can literally have any girl he wants..he’s stayed clear from all nonsense that seems to get a lot of rappers and athletes in trouble. Some of them see the money, the fame and the naked girls everywhere and they don’t know how to handle it. They forget about their women that have been by their side before the fame and money, while they are at home waiting for their men and taking care of their children, knowing and hearing about what their men are doing but yet they stay. You never see him caught with other women disrespecting Tameka and being annoying and everywhere like these other men. And also, you gotta have respect for her. She’s a real woman, she’s doing something right in her relationship, and she’s lucky she has found a man that see’s and appreciates that and who isn’t selfish and all about his. She’s been there for him before he hit stardom and she is still by his side.

I like him, I like his music and I like what he is about. If he isn’t with his family at home he is promoting an album. You have to respect a man like him. Anyway, they are getting married this weekend and heres a poem that was on their invitation that was leaked. It is so cute!

“Once upon a time, the King of the South was strolling through the mall and locked eyes on with a Tiny princess who’s Xscape was to find love. His swag was undeniable and her unconditional love was what he was seeking. He approached her with his charm and after conversation he walked away knowing that this princess would one day become his queen. His love is the sunshine that keeps me warm, she’s the rainbow after the storm. His love gave me wings and has set me free and where ever she is that’s where I want to be. He’s so understanding and it feels so good. She stood with me through troubled times as a strong woman should. He takes anything that’s wrong and makes it alright. And for the rest of your life Tameka, you can have whatever you like! Just like a page out of a fairytale this storybook romance comes true.”

And here’s a new single of his that is dedicated to Tiny that’s called ‘Got Your Back‘. ‘I’d leave the world before I leave you.’ Even though them chicks be hating on us still I’m gonna keep her by my side in whatever situation we gon ride make all my fantasies come alive that’s no lie now. I’ll be, alright just as long as you beside me 10 million dollar mansions won’t suffice. If you ain’t gon be in there with me at night. The pieces to my puzzles in my life with all of my good days and all of my bad you stood by your man and you know you got my back. Worth every car every bag with me they wanna be that. I know what I got at home. I ain’t gon never leave that.’ So sweet!!! and how cute is it when she comes up from behind him and stands next to him at the end of the video!


One thought on “King T.I & his Queen Tiny

  1. He and tiny do make the cutiest couple. Sometime they both look good together and sometime they jus look ugly

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