PSA to Britney Spears

Dear Britney,

As we all know you have gone coocoo for coco puffs a few years ago but you have dusted yourself off and redeemed yourself. I went to your concert in Miami last year for the ‘Circus’ tour and you were amazing, even more amazing than then before you got psycho  7 years ago when I saw you on the ‘Britney’ tour in Madison Square Garden. You have beautiful boys, your music will always sell, as they should because you come out with the best songs. You are an icon. I’ve watched you since I was 10 years old. Now let me get to my point….

YOU HAVE MILLIONS  AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, YOU CAN AFFORD THE BEST OF THE BEST, SO WHY DOES YOUR HAIR CONTINUE TO LOOK LIKE THIS? I’m sure you can go to the best hair stylist to fix your that situation you have with your weave. FIX IT! or get rid of it and rock your natural hair. You already can’t dress and it’s understandable, (sort of, hire a stylist!) but come on, this is not okay!


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