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Pro Skateboarder Terry Kennedy and Rev Run’s daughter and Russell Simmon’s niece Angela Simmons dated a few years ago and their relationship played out on her reality show ‘Daddy’s Girls’. I don’t care for either of these two but I came across an article about their relationship and why it ended. I thought it was interesting and something I can relate to and I hope many other young girls and couples do as well.

Remaining a virgin is a choice and it’s something I have chosen to save till marriage. I won’t go further on my opinions about this topic because I have a post about virginity and marriage coming up soon.

I have a lot of respect for Kennedy for what he said about her and their relationship. There aren’t a lot of guys out there like him, especially not as successful, famous and good-looking as he is. It’s easy for guys to get girls but it’s hard for us girls to keep them, especially if we are virgins. From my experience, guys always say they have a lot of respect for me because of it but they can’t be with someone who withholds out that one thing that they look for and want in a relationship and truthfully it’s understandable.

Angela Simmons about remaining a virgin:

‘The whole virginity thing came out because of the breakup I had previously. And on the show, of course, it came up that I was saving myself for marriage. Is it weird that people know that now? Yeah, kind of. Do I care that much? Not really, because it’s not like it’s a bad thing. No, it’s not for everybody. Everybody doesn’t have to wait because that’s not what they feel their destiny is. But this is what I have to do in order to get a relationship where it’s all good. I just think that when the sex factor is taken out of the relationship, you really get to know a person.

Is it easy? No. I mean, I’m meeting these guys and they’ve been doing whatever they’ve been doing and it’s like, “Are you serious?” Yeah, I’m serious and if you like me enough then you’re going to wait and you’re going to respect me and hopefully you’re not going to cheat because you, as a man, “need” it. I think it’s a good thing. I’m showing a guy that I can wait and hold off and it’s been a whole year and I haven’t even done it. I think it’s an eye opener to some guys.’

Terry Kennedy on their break up:

“I was in love with her. I never went that far with a girl before. I really loved her. She taught me a lot and she showed me a lot. She was great. We were so dope to each other. We helped each other out in so many ways.”

On not having sex..
“That wasn’t even an issue for me. I went into the relationship knowing that. Why would I flip the script in the middle of the situation? I can have sex with anybody I want. That ain’t important. Sex is not everything — that doesn’t make a relationship. I need to be able to talk to you. I need to be able to do stuff and bond with you. But I think she’s still dealing with the fact that she’s in that spot where a man is not going to love her just because she doesn’t want to have sex. That wasn’t the case for me. She always had her guard up.”


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