Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo Anthony

Awww! NBA Superstar and actress, TV host and former MTV VJ Alani ‘LaLa’ Vasquez finally wed tonight in NYC after 7 years together, a 6  year engagement and a 3 year old son. She wore a beautiful and simple Vera Wang dress, I like the soft romantic look on the bride. As for the groom, personally I like the traditionally black tux. I don’t like when a groom wears any other color but he still looks very handsome and dapper. And their  adorable son served as ring barer and wore the same exact tux as his dad!  How cute! He also escorted them down the aisle. Might I add Melo added to her 8 caret cushion-cut huge engagement ring with two matching wedding bands that is 3.5 carrots. Bling bling! (I’m assuming one band for them and the other is symbolizing their son). Both wedding bands were worth $250,000. I can’t even imagine what the engagement ring itself cost! Sheesh, I ain’t gonna’ lie..I’m jealous and I know you are too!  They are an example of true love. I love them together, especially when it’s rare that a celeb couple lasts this long, let a lone with the guy being a high profile athlete but Carmelo has stayed clear from groupies and all the drama that Shaq and MANY other athletes seem to get into. He’s a great example of a young athlete that has his career and personal life in order. He has messed up but he’s picked himself up and always came back stronger than ever. Kudos to him. Gongrats to them and for having their wedding being dubbed as the star studded wedding of the year!

I added a bit of an interview of them about their relationship:

On what others have said about her and Carmelo’s relationship:
Even with all that I’ve accomplished on my own, I know the story out there about me: ‘[Carmelo] ain’t gonna marry her. She got that ring but now he’s making her wait. He don’t really love her…’ For once…I’d like to tell the story as it is. Not as it’s told.”

I always get asked the question about marriage and being engaged for so long. My answer to that is it has worked this way for us. I’m not saying this is the way for everyone, but we have moved at our own speed and it has worked. People tend to believe since we’ve been engaged for so long that something is up, we are not happy, or my all time favorite one, “he’s never gonna marry her!” Does being married automatically mean two people are happy? Mel and I took the time out to get to know each other, inside and out. We took time to learn about our likes and our dislikes. After having our son, we both feel ready to take that step. It’s very important to us and it’s the example we want to set for our son. Although everyone may not agree, I’m glad we did it this way.

Carmelo on Why It Took So Long For Them To Get Married (Their Wedding Date is set for July)
“I wasn’t making her wait. If anything, I was waiting for her to slow down. She was doing her own thing, handling her business and we were happy. When it was time to take it to the next step we did. Period.”

Lala on how Carmelo proposed:
“It was Christmas Eve. We were in bed. And he said, La La, I love you. I want to be with you forever. Will you marry me?”

Check out a post of them I did recently:

Side note — So sweet!! I want a weddinggggg, I don’t care for the marriage. I just want my dream wedding! LOL


And here’s a sneak peak inside their wedding from Entertainment Tonight:

Um……was Ciara going to a nightclub or to a wedding? What the heck was she thinking going to a wedding dressed like this? She doesn’t know how to dress to begin with but anyone with common sense would know not to dress skanky to a classy wedding. It was totally inappropriate..maybe she was trying hard to impress an NBA player.

Only picture I can find of Kelly Rowland heading inside. I like it but not for a wedding! Do people not know how to dress for wedding anymore? She looks like she is going in for an interview. I like that she mixed it up with the shoes, I love when the heels pop in an simple outfit. She looked lovely but not dressed enough for a wedding.

I am convinced that Plastic Kim Kardashian’s intention was to try to steal the bride’s thunder wearing this skin tight Herve Leger dress. First of all, she’s worn this dress in many different colors before. Is she running out of dresses that are tight enough to showcase her ass? Has to be why she’s worn this same dress many times and it’s obvious why she loves it so much. The dress is tight in all the right places, especially for the ass that made her famous and the body that she sold for the sex tape and fame. I like the dress but I’ve seen it to many times on her and I don’t like that she wore it to the wedding. She knows her curves are what attracts men to her, her face not so much anymore now that its perfectly pulled and injected. And I love the Louboutin heels but they don’t go with the dress at all. Maybe if the dress was shorter it would have looked better. Like Wendy Williams says “It’s all about Kim. She makes sure it’s all about herself.”

Serena Williams…I love! Now that’s a classy lady! She looked amazing. I love the dress, I want to know who made it. It fits her perfectly and she looks amazing. Now this is what you wear to a wedding if you want to do a short dress!

The only picture I can find of LeBron James. He looked very handsome! I love an all black suit on a man and I’m starting to like gray on them. I love the shades of gray and that he wore black pants, gray ones would have been too much. Most of all I love that it fits him. A lot of men just wear a suit and it doesn’t look good because it’s big on them. So it’s important to have it fit their body.


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