Flop of the week

The flop of the week outfit goes to Kim Kartrashian as much as I dislike her, she gives me a lot to talk about on my blog! Whether it’s her fame-whoring antics, fabulous or tacky outfits, changing face and new endorsements and so onnnnnn. Anyway, as I mentioned before her stylist chooses every single outfit of hers, yet somehow she calls herself a ‘fashion designer’…I won’t even get into it, because it literally pains me how celebs are suddenly fashion designers especially a celeb who became famous from a sex tape. Again, anywayyyyyyyy. Back to the dreadful outfit. She doesn’t know what simplicity looks like and sometimes less is more. It’s always added layers and too much all in one outfit. Her stylist ain’t that good, honey. As for this one, you might think it’s just a blazer, jeans and a  black tee, whats so ugly about it? Well, for one the jail uniform inspired blazer and its shoulder pads isn’t making it look any better. I’m not crazy about the ankle boots with those adorable ripped jeans from BEBE. I really love those jeans, I bought similar ones from the GAP for just $79. I also love the Prada Butterfly sunglasses!

How would I change the outfit?

I would wear these heels from TOPSHOP, with the jeans, the black tank top and the necklace. As for the blazer, I would take it the Salvation Army or give it  to Lindsay Lohan to go to jail in style.

However if I had to style someone with this stripped black and white jacket, I would put the hair in a pony tail, light make up, a tight black mini dress and finishing it off with red peep toe heels. Black and white patterns always look good with a red heels.

What do you think? Do you like her outfit? Or my suggestions to change it?


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