The Heat is on in Miami!

As you know from my precious posts I’ve become a huge basketball fan this season and I can’t wait till next season. Lebron James becoming a free agent was the biggest thing to happen in sports in a long time. The suspense, anticipation was larger than life. My instincts are always on point. Even if I’m not a fan of something I can pick who will win and it’s ALWAYS right! I swear, I can almost see the future sometimes! Haha

Anyway, King James finally made his announcement and it’s with Miami. I knew he would go there! With Dwayne Wade resigning and Chris Bosh signing with Miami it would have been the perfect ideal for James to come on as well and that he did! I think with three All Star players and with their powerful status Miami Heat is going to a force to be reckoned with. Lakers have been dominating but I think come next season it will change. I really hope and I believe they will win next years championship and be the best team they can possibly be.

James gave up $40million to stay with Cleavland, they offered him $125 million for another six years while the Heat offered him $99 million for five years. Wade and Bosh also are permitting to have their pay cut. Saying that money isn’t a factor, they will always make money it’s about the three of them playing together and winning championships. You have to give those guys respect! James knows he is coming to Wade’s house, Wade has led the Heat to a championship in 2006 and is basically a hero in Miami and is also one of the best players in the NBA. But I think Wade will go from ‘Beyonce’ to ‘Kelly Rowland’ once the season kicks off. James will always be considered and prove that he is the best.

“This league, you become a superstar individually, but you become a champion as a team, and I understand that. The numbers are not finalized.All three of us are going to take less money, because we all wanted to play alongside each other and we feel we can be great together. I’m not getting a max deal. I’m taking one less year and I’m getting a lot less being in Miami. The way we play on both ends of the court will not change. We’ll just be united now and that’s the same thing with Chris, also. We’re just going to raise each’s intensity up.There’s no personal agenda. We could have stayed where we were. This has nothing to do with being an individual. The friendship has been there from Day One.” James said.

What’s sad is ESPN showed Cleavland burning his Cavillar’s jersey. 😦

Sorry! Those were the cutest pictures I found of the boys. There is more but I stopped myself! LOL The last one of Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo Anthony (missing Shannon Brown)  is of my favorite basketball players when they represented USA and won the Olympics.

Also! Carmelo Anthony’s wedding is this weekend, I wishhh I was going! Haha! All the of the basketball greatest will be there along with many many other celebs. Thank god for reality TV though because his wedding special will air on VH1 in September..don’t blame him, his soon to be wife is a celebrity VJ and mostly does her work for VH1 so it will be about her, Anthony won’t be featured in a lot, it’s just about her prepping for their wedding. So we’ll see.

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