Airport Style

Don’t we love to travel? I sure do. First thing we think of is making sure we will be comfortable while sitting on the plane. Whether it’s an hour plane ride or six hours. Yet we want to be comfortable in a fashionable way.

I’ve flown 16 hour plane rides, 11 hours, 7 hours and so on. (I used to travel A LOT when I was younger) and I’ve always worn sweat pants because I have back problems and I can hardly be comfortable in jeans sitting down an hour. But one time I wore tight jeans to go to Miami and I literally wanted to kill myself. I don’t know what I was thinking but all I knew is that I was tired of wearing sweat pants to travel, especially when I would always see girls all dolled up while traveling before. I was in so much pain, I’ve had 11 surgeries on my back and I was sitting on a plane for three hours with tight ass jeans all because I wanted to look cute.

Now I wear maxi dresses with cardigans and I feel cute and comfortable. Sometimes I swear sweatpants but the cute ones from Victoria Secrets and I wear a cute tank top and flip fops. Make up on, at all times of course! I never wear jeans, tight or not. My back will always hurt me, whether I’m sitting down at work or on a couch, sleeping,  in a classroom or on a plane. It’s just what it is for me, but now I make sure I don’t make it any harder or any more painful. So I make sure I’m comfortable both ways, while traveling and with how I look.

Jessica Alba looks stylish yet comfortable heading to the airport with her adorable daughter. She is wearing the summers hottest trend Cargo pants, a cardigan and a white tee with a cute necklace and flip flops. I really like this casual and comfy look, for traveling or not.

Leave it to Lady Gaga aka Lady Caca too cry for attention dressing like a….I don’t even know like what. It’s ridiculous. She wore this costume while making her way in JFK airport. I’m convinced that she wore this just for pictures and to make a splash like she always does and changed on the plane to a more comfortable outfit.  She had to have. Even if your Lady Caca, Madonna or one dresses like this on purpose.

One of my favorite fashionista and trendsetter Nicole Richie wore a micro-print dress with a studded leather jacket, leggings and a knit hat as she was heading to an airport in Australia. I like this look. It’s tres chic and again comfortable. It’s important to be comfortable on a plane and it’s also important to have a jacket or a sweater with you in case you get cold. I don’t travel without one. She just looks adorable and it’s an outfit that you can copy and wear also, just like Alba’s outfit.

Just head to H&M and Forever 21 and you can find similar pieces and be dressed just like them.

Kim Kartashian was spotted at Miami airport wearing distressed jeans,  a cute embellished coral top and and an ugly faded blazer. First of all did you know that her stylist picks every single outfit of hers? From her daily outfits to events?! It’s stupid to me, what? you can’t put together an outfit yourself but you “design” a fashion line?! Anywayyyyyyyyyy, I LOVE the sunglasses! The top with the jeans go together. I love the jeans, I also like the heels. But the top and jeans would have looked better with gladiator sandals. That blazer just doesn’t look right with the outfit or any outfit for that matter, it’s ugly. And I don’t get why women wear heels while traveling. The outfit is just too much all in one.

Kylie Minogue looked like she was going to an event not an airport! I really like what she’s wearing, but seriously…she’s wearing this to travel? I wouldn’t have worn this to sit on a plane for a few hours. As much as of a fashionista one can be, you have to modest and most importantly comfortable, especially when you are traveling or even shopping. I would have saved this for an event.

Penelope Cruz, was wearing a satin trimmed tunic top, gray skinny jeans and gray heels as she arrived to an airport in Spain. I LOVE what she’s wearing. I’m obsessed with satin tunic tops. She looks amaze-balls. Even though I don’t get heels while traveling, she still looked pretty fa and she also looks comfortable!….damn! I want that top!!

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