Picture of the Day

NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony‘s longtime fiancée LaLa Vasquez tweeted this picture of Carmelo and their adorable song Kiyan. This picture is precious!! I love Carmelo’s clean respectable image. He is a family man, you never see him out in clubs with girls all over him or getting in trouble like other athletes today. When he is seen he is seen with LaLa and their son. He’s young, he’s at the top of his game and is a good role model for boys everywhere.

After 8 years together and being engaged for 5 years Carmelo and LaLa are finallyyy getting married this month. I really like them together. She isn’t a typical basketball trophy wife that takes advantage of  Carmelo’s status. She still works, she doesn’t flaunt her relationship or his money. She’s different from the girls we see that are with athletes. She is classy, independent and seems like a good person. I also love how she is always at his games supporting him and how they have kept their lives private.


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