What has she accomplished?

Kim Kartrashian will officially never leave fame, she now has a wax figure in Madam Teusse in NYC.

What in the blue hell has this women accomplished that has brought her this much fame, endorsements, recognition, fascination and so on. Her 15 minutes keeps extending because she keeps finding ways to never go away. You can’t knock her hustle but everything she stands for is morally wrong.

Lets see what she has accomplished that got her super stardom: Released her own sex tape, posed nude for Playboy, half-naked photo shoots, flaunts her ass, is mostly famous for her ass, reality TV shows, exploits her body, “acted” in a movie called Disaster Movie…and sure enough it was a disaster, creates rumors to keep her name on the press, posed sideways on red-carpet to show her ass, makes sure wherever she goes paparazzi follows and now for plastic surgery and the list goes on.

I can’t stand when girls say they look up to her and that she is their role model. Role model for what? I don’t think anyone famous should be considered a role model. You don’t know them, you only know what they want you to see and when they show you a human side of them and make mistakes and get exploited by tabloids you judge and bash them.  However I do believe that a famous role model should be people like First Lady Michelle Obama, Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and other well accomplished, classy women who are known for their talent and charitable good deeds and how they carry themselves.  As for as First Lady Michelle she is a role model for girls to want to aspire to be like.

I think girls see how Kartrashian came about, they read her blog and can relate to her in ways and they watch her on their reality show and they think about how she became famous and they feel as though they can do the same. Only good message she sends out to girls is how to look beautiful with a shit load of make up on and tight dresses showing off your assets.

As far as her saying she wants girls to look up to her for being confident in her curvy body is bull crap. When she first came about she did have a nice curvy body, it was real and refreshing from what we saw in Hollywood. As she got bigger with fame, she got even skinner. She released fitness DVD’s, she is endorsing a diet supplement and so forth. So she is telling girls to appreciate and love their body while maintaining a healthy lifestyle as she is getting skinnier and skinnier and endorsing diet supplements helping them to lose weight…but somehow her ass is still huge for her to flaunt. (spanks and butt injections). She is also saying to get attention show off your body girls! Flaunt what you got, wear the tightest clothes and don’t forget to release a sex tape and pose for playboy, be a fame-whore, do what ever you have to do to stay relevant, don’t need to be classy  and you can be just like me! Doesn’t make sense.

So to those girls that ‘look up to her’, I think they are fascinated by her. As for me, I am not ‘hating’ on Kartrashian, I don’t like what I see of her and I certainly don’t like that there are girls out there that “aspire” to be and look like her.

What has this world come too??!? Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born in this generation where  trashy, talentless and unclassy women can actually accomplish a lot and be famous for being pretty and for exploiting their bodies. And to think, I am finishing up college and plan on getting my Masters to accomplish my dreams in Fashion, while keeping my morals and values, staying classy and being a strong independent respectable woman in society. Boy do I have huge mountains to climb while keeping my clothes on to make it in this world.

As for her changing face, check back soon for a post about her and addiction to fame and plastic surgery.


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