BET Awards: Chris Brown’s moment

Did you guys watch the BET Awards last night? If you didn’t, I know by now you heard about Chris Brown’s performance. We’ll get to him in a minute. I thought the show was one of the best award shows I’ve seen in a long time. It was a night of comebacks:

T.I made his first performance since he has been released from jail. As always, he rocked the mic. Keyshia Cole also come out to perform after taking time off during her pregnancy and giving birth. She looked great…but her hair was horrible. Eminem performed his first awards show in a long time. He is amazing, but someone tell him it doesn’t hurt to smile and look happy for once. El DeBarge came back and preformed and had everyone grooving. Prince received his lifetime achievement award. Kanye West opened the show with a pretty cool set up, I wasn’t crazy about it though. But glad he’s back. Diddy also got his time on stage, he preformed with his Dirty Money crew. I liked it, wasn’t bad at all. Usher sang, it was boring and all his performances are the same. Alicia Keys was stunning as usual, preformed for the last time for a while. She is taking time off for the rest of her pregnancy and till after she gives birth. I have a feeling we won’t be seeing her for probably another two – three years. It was also a night of new comers, Drake won an award for Best Male Rapper, put on a good performance. Nicki Manaj and Trey Songz won as well. Trey can thank Chris Brown for helping him boost his career, while Brown was away Songz came out to shine and take over the R&B world and the fans. Jay Z and Beyonce were missing in action but of course, what award show would it be if Beyonce didn’t win one. Jay also won for best collaboration with Alicia. Rihanna won a Viewers Choice Awards for her song ‘Hard’. She was also absent, I am sure it was because of Brown’s appearance. I have a feeling next year will be her time to shine at the BET Awards. The last award went to..surprisingly it was Chris Brown for “Fandemonium Award” for the artist with the best fans. He said to the standing crowd “I let ya’ll down once, I won’t do it again. I promise”

Okay, now on to my favorite moment of the night and probably of the year, Chris Brown: He stole the show. In all the tributes that has been done for Michael Jackson, none was close to doing Jackson justice as what Brown did last night. I think everyone knew he was the best man for it, but no one wanted to come near him at the time. But they finally did. Hopefully this will end the tributes for MJ. This should be it. It’s been a year since his passing and Chris Brown now can hopefully take back his torch and become this generations Michael Jackson, as it was expected from him when he first came out. His dance moves was impeccable and just like MJ’s. I can’t believe how someone can be on point that way, Jackson was an incredible dancer and for Brown to get all his signature moves right, was pretty amazing.

Then came on the song Man in the Mirror the song is very meaningful and touching, as you can imagine. It’s about a man who comes to a point in life where he has to face himself and make the changes on his own. It’s about a man realizing his actions and mistakes and wanting to make a difference. He also finally realizes that change doesn’t happen around us, we can’t wait for it or expect people to change..we have to look in the mirror and face our demons and make that change willingly and effortlessly.

“I’m gonna make a change, for once in my life. It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference, gonna make it right. I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I am asking him to change his ways and no message could have been any clearer..if you wanna make the world a better place take a look in the mirror and make that change. A willow deeply scarred, somebody’s broken heart and a washed-out dream. They follow the pattern of the wind, cause they got no place to be..that’s why I’m starting with me.”

I think the song spoke to him in many ways. He probably finally understood it and connected to it. He had to face himself and his demons. I am sure Brown felt that his world crumbled and seeing how the media bashed him and radios and networks dropped him, that no matter how hard he tried it wouldn’t matter. That all his hard work, all his talent and all that he has yet to achieve would all go down in flames. Also, Michael was about forgiveness and seeing the good in everyone, he also went through his trial and tribulations from the media and was always scrutinized and spent the rest of his life judged.  So there was a lot of hidden messages to Chris Brown’s tribute and the song. I also believe that we saw how powerful a song is and the emotion you feel to the words and the message of the song. You have to believe that Michael Jackson was smiling over Chris and felt proud of his music, of his legacy and of Chris for representing him the best way possible.

I can’t image what Chris was feeling. The nerves going through his system, the butterflies swimming in his stomach, his heart skipping beats and not knowing how his peers and the rest of the audience reaction would be. Then to come out, dance your heart out, the pressure, the nervousness and too finally get the chance to remind people why they fell in love with you in the first place would overwhelm anyone. When it came to finally sing, he was overcome with his emotions and clearly overwhelmed by everything. It was a huge moment for him and at that point I’m sure he was emotionally exhausted. Considering what he has been through the last year and all the personal therapy and agony he has gone through. I also think that he probably thought everyone wouldn’t react positivity seeing him, because they are also Rihanna’s peers so to feel the positive energy and see everyone giving him a standing ovation was  too much to sink in, when basically he is going in thinking “Everybody hates Chris”.

“Chris has always stated that Michael Jackson has been an inspiration for him since he was a child and has musically been compared to Jackson in the past. Nothing about his performance was manufactured. It was an awesome tribute by a man who has for the past year, publicly dealt with a tumultuous phase in his career that has forever changed his life. Chris’ breakdown was not just emotional, but sincere. I even started crying … Chris broke down crying out of emotional exhaustion and in no way was this an attempt to redeem himself, but rather it showed the world that Chris is human and he too has emotions.”

Of course it also generated haters and criticism. I guess people don’t believe in everyone being human. I’ve heard how it was a ploy to get sympathy and other nonsense. What we saw was a human being, a young man who made a mistake that the world knew about and judged him and back-lashed him for it. It was real and it was raw. Anyone with common sense would see that he was overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted by everything that he has gone through. What we hope to see is the end of the black-lash against another human being and hopefully the beginning of a new and lighter chapter for Chris Brown and his career. I also think that people don’t know what to make of it, it was too real to comprehend because we never see anyone break down in front of our eyes. When someones goes through something, especially a celebrity you don’t see what they are really going through. You may hear of them try to explain themselves and how they felt or still feel in interviews but you never see a person break down like what we saw with Brown. It was an unforgettable moment. I hope this does bring back Brown’s career, I hope his music gets air time again, I hope we see him again on TV, award shows and at events. You never forget, but you forgive. It’s about what he does next to prove everyone and redeem himself. I also think the moment was much bigger than anyone could understand, only he knows how he felt, so again who is anyone to judge?

After the show he left discreetly and avoided speaking to the media.

Popular urban blogger Necole Richie:  “I still believe the moment was genuine. Even before he had his breakdown on stage, the energy in the auditorium during his performance was unexplainable and overwhelming. It seems as though the poor guy can’t catch a break.”

Surprisingly Chris got support from the one person least expected, Perez Hilton. I always love his honesty!

“”I didn’t watch it live, which was probably a good thing because I was able to have an initial reaction when I heard what happened and then I had a different reaction after I saw what happened. My initial reaction was skepticism about the incident and thinking it was a ploy for sympathy, and then after I saw it I still had a bit of skepticism, but I was absolutely and definitely impressed by his performance, especially the beginning part. And then the breakdown seemed — and seem being the accurate word — genuine because it looked real. When you cry deeply and intensely it’s not pretty. He wasn’t crying pretty. It was ugly and raw and I think a lot of different things were going there, from his love and tribute to Michael, to having exerted a lot of energy and emotion earlier, to thinking about the Rihanna incident, to probably relief and joy of getting the opportunity to perform again on television at a big awards show. It was just a reminder of his talent and a reminder that he has been gone away for a while, that he has been gone from the scene for a while, that radio was not supporting and a reminder that he is talented and that maybe now is the time to move on for him and for those of us who have had very strong feelings about his very bad actions. It’s not unfair to think negatively of him, but it is unfair to hold that against his head for the rest of his life, if he really has changed his ways and is trying to make amends. I think we, or at least I, am ready to move on as well. And let him do his thing. The key is what he does next and that the music is good. His next step should be now really protective of what little good will he may have, meaning folks don’t want to see him bragging, don’t want to see him out partying. What people want to see him being the best Chris Brown he can be, performing and entertaining and making great music.”

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