Fashion Hits & Misses

Fergie…like I always say she can never look good! The shoes, the tuxedo inspired dress..I mean I don’t get it. Only positive thing I can say is that her body is amazing!

Ciara…she never gets it right! She is an amazinggg body that I wish I can magically replace it with mine. But she just tries too hard when it comes to fashion. She always over does it with the shoes and accessories. The embellished dress would have looked good (even though it’s ugly, whats up with the one sided fringe sleeve?!) without the belt and the ankle boots.

Brandy looked…shockingly great! Even though her brother Ray J annoys the life out of me, her sculpted mini Alexander McQueen dress that had a sheer overlay chest was hued in blue and grey while her caged grey heels completed the look. For once she got it right, the hair, the make up, the shoes and the dress..flawless.

Nicki Manaj looked ridiculous. Trying hard is an under statement.  She was channeling Marliyn Monroe and Lady Gaga, she wanted to make a loud splash to get attention. She looks like a character from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Jada Pinket Smith, where do I begin? The hair..I don’t understand whats going on with the braids, where they are going and whats on top of her head. Lets start with the positive, I like the blazer a lot and she has killer legs. The negatives, her hair, the ballerina heels and her stripped diapers.

Alicia Keys literally looked like a Grecian goddess. The pregnant and engaged beauty was glowing. I like the dress,  not crazy about it but she pulled it off perfectly.

Keri Hilson, okay Rihanna wannabe. The animal prints and the hair shouts Rihanna. I don’t like it. What’s up with these girls trying to hard, copying each others style and not hiring new stylists?!

Drake looked good, but this look on guys is getting boring. Beside the leather jacket, a cardigan would have looked better.


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