Artist & Song of the Week

I love Christina Aguilera! Her voice is amazing, probably the best vocal voice I have ever heard. She is classic and oozes sexiness and confidence. I relate to her music because its about a girl who over came a whole lot in her life, her albums Stripped and Back to Basics are my all time favorite albums. Her albums are like different chapters of her life. She’s raw, she’s real and she’s honest. She covers everything that a girl does, insecurities, issues with opening up and letting love in. Finding love, finding peace within after going through storms. And one thing that many girls go through, the abandoning and hurt we feel after our father walks out of their lives, seeing the sacrifice a mother makes for her children. These are all topics she faces with in her music, she speaks to you and tells you what she goes through, while you are crying and relating to it all. Songs like “Hurt” “I Am OK” “Voice Within” “You Lost Me” “Beautiful” and so on. She is just epic and amazing.

I don’t want to keep going on, as I usually do. I’m trying hard to keep my posts short and simple, it’s hard because I love to write!

This week I chose “Save me from Myself”. I love it so much. It’s about the love and appreciation she has for her husband. How her husband has been there for her through the tough times, how he made her feel love again and that no matter what he still loves her for who she is. It’s about finding that one person that looks past everything you’ve done, everything that has been said and all the mistakes you’ve made and the insecurities that makes you hard to understand..yet they still here simply because they want to be.

I relate to it because I’m very guarded, I shut people off when I feel that they are trying to get close and personal. I don’t know love, I’ve never seen it from my parents when they were married, I’ve never felt it and I’m scared of it. When I thought I found it, twice, I was hurt really bad. Instead of loving one another, I was forcing myself to love them and worst of all making them love me. It’s happened twice, but I have defiantly learned a lot from both heart breaks. I now know that once you’ve found that one person, everything changes. Your walls are broken down and you learn to accept yourself and someone else that is trying to love you. I know that one day instead of picking myself up and saving myself before I drown, I can allow myself to reach out my hand and trust that someone won’t ever let me fall and that can they can be there for me and most of all, actually love me.

The video is beautiful. Gives me ideas for whenever I get married! LOL

“It’s not so easy loving me it gets so complicated all the things you’ve gotta be everything’s changing but you’re the truth. I’m amazed by all your patience. Everything I put you through. When I’m about to fall somehow you’re always waitin with your open arms to catch me, you’re gonna save me from myself.”


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