Man of the Week

Remember my post last week about my new obsession with basketball and when I included the craziest fight n NBA history involving Ron Artest? Well who would have predicted five years later he would end up winning a championship ring?! Even though he is one of the greatest defensive player in the league, a lot of people doubted him because of his temper. They call him crazy Ron. But crazy Ron played the game of his life when he helped his team win. Lakers is basically ‘Kobe’s Team’ and a lot of pressure is on Kobe to always deliver. But unlike Lebron James and the Cavillars where if James has an off day, his team will loose. It all depends on him. With the Lakers you have other great players such as Derek Fisher, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown and Pau Gasol. Lakers are unstoppable. Artest played amazing and fans will always remember Game 7 Lakers VS Celtics. He earned his position and proved everyone wrong. It’s amazing.

Artest is also very funny! By far the great post game interview ever! Where he thanked his hood and his psychiatrist for helping him stay calm and relaxed during the season, knowing how passionate he is, how he can loose his control and how he gets caught up with the game he seeked help and you got to love and respect. I found out it funny how he didn’t even think of thanking his teammates! LOL Also, Kobe had mentioned that about two years ago after a game with Rockets, where Ron Artest used to play, Artest came to him in the shower and told him to help him get drafted to the Lakers so he can help win a championship ring and beat the Celtics…crazy how three years later, just that happened! Can you say destiny?!


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