NBA: Where CRAZY happens!

Every day I surprise myself when I learn new things about myself! This past year I have become a huge fan of sports. I may not completely understand the terms, history and regulations of the sport, but it doesn’t matter because I enjoy watching. I always knew of some of the most famous athletes, like Lebron James, Kobe, Jeter and A.Rod because we hear of them all the time and they are huge fan favorites with the girls because of their good looks. But now I really enjoy watching basketball and football. I went to my first basket ball game at the Garden this past March, I saw the Knicks VS Grizzlies. I loved it, and there were none of cute players that I was drooling over! I just thoroughly enjoyed it. Football and Basketball are the only sports that I watch from beginning to end.

Anyway, as my new love for basketball continues to grow I have chosen a team that I love and will root for: Lakers! LOL Newly drafted Laker Ron Artest was with the Pacers and they played a game in Detroit against Pistons: A brawl began within 50 seconds remaining in the game, when Indiana Pacers led the game 97-83. Piston player Ben Wallace was fouled from behind by Artest during a dunk attempt. Wallace responded by shoving Artist in the chest, which leads to a physicial confrontation between a few players in each team. During the argument, Artest did the right thing by not taking part and laid down on the scorers table, while speaking on a headset to a reporter. A fan throws a drink at Artest while he was laying down. Artest reacts by running into the stands and punching an innocent fan, that he thought was responsible. It was all sorts of craziness happening, players jumping to the stands and punching other fans, trying to stop other was mayhem. As Artest was walking away he was confronted by two fans, which leads to Artest punching them. It was chaotic and outnumbered arena security struggled to keep things in order. As Artest was lead out, more beverages and even chairs were being thrown at him and other Pacer players. It lead to Ron Artest being suspended for the remainder of the season, loosing out on $6 million as well as $12 million in suspensions loss on other players and arrests were also made on the fans involved.

Its just complete and utter mayhem! Wallace gets fouled, so what!? Does he forget he plays basketball and thats what happens!? He had no right to shove Artest, he was just playing the game. He also continues to get angry and was pressing for a fight. Artest did the right thing to stay away and in a humorous move laid down on the table. I love when players defend each other, they are a team on and off the court. It proves their brotherhood bond. Then when some one throws something at you, you have every right to react. No one throws a drink, a chair or anything at you and expect you not to do anything. It was uncalled for. Artest did the natural thing and he retaliated without thinking. The fans continued to throw stuff at him and the other was just crazy. Then again as he started to walk away he gets confronted by fans. Where was security?! It was dubbed as the worst fight in NBA history. Because of the incident NBA imposed new security guidelines for all  NBA arenas. The new policies included a certain size limit for alcohol and a ban of alcohol sale after the end of the third quarter. They also ordered that each team put at least three security guards between the players and fans.

When I went the Knicks game, I sat right behind the court seats and infront of me where security guards sitting down in between fans and even the players and I didn’t get why they had to be seated in the middle…now I get it and it makes sense!

Okay, now this was a bizarre moment. This might be on of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen happen during a basketball game.  People get hurt and fall down all the time but usually play stops immediately after. Not this time.

Carmelo Anthony bumped into Kevin Durant on a drive to the hoop and gave himself a “stinger” which caused him to collapse to the ground and possibly pass out for a few seconds.  The refs blew the whistle and called a travel on him so there was a stoppage in play where they could have waited for him to get up but instead, they just gave the ball to the OKC Thunder to continue play. WTF?!?!  Why would they do that?

Then to make it weirder, the Nuggets stole the ball back immediately and J.R. Smith drove to the hoop while trying to avoid Carmelo who was still lying on the ground.  Wouldn’t you at least call a timeout if you knew your teammate was still on the ground?  That was just a messed up sequence of events all around.  You’ll probably never see something like that again! If my teammate was down, I would stop and make sure he is okay. I would not have continued on playing and pretend that I don’t see him, even if the refs and everyone else thought he was playing around…how do you not check if the guy is ok?!?! If I were Carmelo, who is one of the greatest players in the league and is the team captain of the Nuggets, I would have been very upset and felt betrayed that none of my teammates or coaches came to check on me.

I found another one!! Knicks and Nuggets getting into a brawl! As crazy and wrong it is to fight, this truly shows sportsmanship by being a true teammate and being there for one another. Even knowing you can face suspension and pay cuts.


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