World Cup Theme Songs

I’m loving the songs for FIFA World Cup! This one is ‘Waving Your Flag’ by K’Naan featuring Nancy Ajram, who is a very famous Lebanese singer.  The song is catchy and I just loveeeee everything about it!! I like that they have the sub titles at the bottom because I don’t understand what she is saying..I just love the way she is singing her parts!. I also love that the World Cup brings people from every country together. It’s nice and refreshing to see. Soccer reminds me so much of my childhood, when I was 2 years old up until i was 5 my mom, my sister and me moved to Jeddah, SA to live with my father and over seas soccer is HUGE! So I remember my cousins always playing, wearing the FIFA jersey with the shorts and kids always playing soccer outside.

This next one is by Shakira and it’s called ‘Waka Waka’. Ah! I’m obsessed! I listened to it literally 15 times today on my way to school and work. Waka Waka eh eh eh! I love the beats and the way she is singing. Soccer has such cuteeeeeeeee players! Don’t you agree ladies? We all know of David Beckham and Cristian Ronaldo but there sure are many others that are hiding!

Speaking of hidden hot soccer player..does anyone know who this guy is?!?!!? I’m in love at first sight!! I want to know who he is! LOL


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