Picture of the Day

Chris Brown recently tweeted this picture of him and his new girlfriend beautiful model Jasmine Saunders. I really like this picture! She really is a beauty and they look really good together, and hopefully it will last! The poor guy is going to keep getting a lot of heat about his past relationship with Rihanna and now whenever he is going to be seen with his girlfriend there are going to be jokes and rumors about him abusing her. Give it a rest people. He is young, he has already had his world shattered and yet he is still here. He didn’t curl up and die and give up his career. A career that I’m sure will bounce back in time. You don’t know what any one goes through behind closed doors, and I’m sure he has dealt with the aftermath and been in the dark and hopefully with his new relationship and seeing that he still has his fan base, he is finally seeing the light after the tunnel.


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