Stylin’ Baby & Baby on the Brain!

Halle Berry has to have one of the most beautiful baby I have ever seen! Her daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry is just too precious and delicious for words. Her skin complexion is to die for! But are we surprised? Look at her parents! She is going to be a knock out and named one of the most beautiful women in the world when she grows up, just like her mama!

I love babies, I didn’t grow up around them..and maybe that’s why I love them! But I love a good, well-behaved, non annoying baby…you know what I mean! For instance, I have a baby cousin who I have watched grow up since birth till now he is almost 3 years old. I am just his cousin and I brag about him like he is my child. He is beyond adorable and so smart. I honestly have never seen and don’t think I ever will, meet a baby like him. Before he was 2 years old he knew numbers in English, Spanish, French and Arabic, understood four different languages, he has amazing memory, approachable, lovable, hardly ever cries, plays guitar and would communicate using sign languages and I mean, I can just go on and on. He also does and says things that literally make your heart melt and make you think that a baby like him is unreal. He is a one of a kind special baby. I’m sure my family think I’m obsessed with him but growing up was rough for me so I didn’t get to enjoy or remember my childhood, so I just have a certain admiration for children. Besides, I’m the type that when I love someone or something, I love hard and unconditionally.

I’ve met a lot of babies and not one compares to my cousin Daniel. His parents are doing an amazing job raising him and I wish I can learn from them when and if I get blessed to have a child of my own. Ahh! Dolls, you have to meet him to understand what I mean.

The thing is, I long to be a mother. I want so badly to have a child of my own and have it live a life I have always dreamed of.  I have always wanted a family of my own, I want so badly for my future children to have both parents in their lives, something I didn’t get to have. You learn from your parents, you know the way you feel about how they handle certain things and how they treat you and you know what not to take and what to take with you when you become a parent. Now my cousin’s wife is pregnant and I just love that baby so much and she isn’t even born yet. If my baby cousin Danny makes me so happy and knowing how much I love him and love my 7 month old unborn cousin – whom I’ll meet in August!, I just can’t imagine how it would be like when and if I get to have one. And I know in my heart, given my medical history at a young age, if I won’t get to biologically have a child, I am going to adopt and do whatever it takes to have a baby. I just know I am meant to be a mother. I am starting to realize my yearning to become a mother and have a family of my own, is maybe because I never got to be a child, I never witnessed love and I never had the family portrait. I’m very nurturing but I’ve never been nurtured and shown what love is like and how it should feel like. I think there is an inner child within that has been wanting to be held and that’s where wanting a child so badly comes from…

Whoa! I went off topic!! Anway, Nahla was dressed to cute for words recently. Halle dressed her in a rolled up button down shirt and ripped boyfriend jeans.I just couldn’t believe what I saw! I love, love it! You never really get to see babies dressed so stylish, but nowadays I guess I can’t surprised!


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