Enough of Lindsanity!

I am so sick and tired of hearing about Lindsay Lohan. I know you are too. I can’t imagine any one being on her side. I don’t know why magazines, blogs and photo agencies still buy her pictures from the paps and still cover her and talk about her.

I honestly believe that she does it all for attention. I feel bad for her for having such messed up delusional parents, her background was tough but she is a grown adult now and she is given opportunities many other people with worse childhood never get. She has a chance to turn her life around, free herself from her past, even from her parents and people that aren’t going good for her to be around and reach out and help other people. But she doesn’t, she is a drugged out, idiotic, in denial, pathetic excuse of a human being that is wasting away.

She looks restless, worn out and she looks like a 40-year-old in a 23-year-old body. Wendy Williams said it best “Lindsay is the youngest oldest looking women I know.” She doesn’t look healthy. She dresses sloppy and wacky and it’s as if she wanders through life with no purpose.

If I were her mother; if I couldn’t force her to go back home with her and her siblings in New York to get away from Hollywood, I would pack up and move to be by her side. I would take control of her life, I would make sure she doesn’t have any enablers around her, I would make sure she isn’t out all night partying, I would sure she is eating healthy, getting the help she needs and mostly just make sure, she is okay. Have her go to therapy, have her be around positive people and people who love her and have her best interest in heart. I would make sure she is  proving that she is trying to fix her reputation to the media, not give them anything negative to say. I would also make sure to hire the right people who will help bounce her career. Dude, this is your daughter. No matter what she is your child, and if needed treat her like a child. Baby her, comfort her, be there for her till the end. Stop being in denial and making excuses for her and trying to be on her good side. Be her mother, not a friend. And this is coming from a 20-year-old.

As for her father, he should just shut up to the media. Stop blabbing and trying to make it seem as though he is trying to save her and actually do something. Actions speak louder than words. Reach out to her in private, if she declines you try to harder. You try to be the father that she needs and evidently wants in her life. Obviously she has been scarred from her childhood because of her fathers actions and absence, it’s never to late to make things right. Be her super man, catch her from falling not try to cash in and make yourself look like a hero instead of the villain that he is. Her crying out for you was “Confessions of a Broken Heart”, jackass.

Listen, I grew up in a single parent household. My mother took charge and control of our lives and where destiny took us. She sacrificed her whole life and happiness for us. She has been both the mother and father. Even now, my sister is going to be 23 and is a college graduate and I’m turning 21 and we still fear of disappointing her, we still follow her rules, we understand and respect her position in our lives, regardless of how unfair, harsh, controlling we may feel she is being. Growing up I lived in a war inside my house and would still leave my house with a smile. After my parents finally divorced when I was 10 years old, he just left my world. When I was having surgery after surgery, he never called. He just wasn’t a character in my life anymore, I had to start a new sequel, because he suddenly disappeared and started a new life of his own in another country, as if my sister and I never existed.  Now that we are grown, he suddenly wants to be a father, after 10 years of not seeing us he decides to visit us and attend my sisters college graduation as if he deserved to be there for her moment. So I know what it is like to be scarred from your childhood and from a parent. Granted, every one’s lives is different, every one handles things differently but I’m not a victim. I’m not making excuses for any of my faults. Granted, I am not in Hollywood, my life isn’t publicized but Lindsay allows her life to be scrutinized.

It seems as though she loves the attention, you see her communicating with the paparazzi’s, every single night she is photographed in clubs, hotels till the wee hours of the morning and making excuses when she is being called out on her irresponsible actions and lies. Kelly Clarkson and Justin Timberlake said it best when they talked about the difference of fame and being famous, they are famous for doing what they love to do and they aren’t hunting for fame. They aren’t giving interviews constantly to tabloids, they aren’t tipping of paparazzi nor are they seen stumbling drunk nightly. Those fame whores are for reality TV people, like the Kartrashians, Hiltons, Lohans, The Hills cast and the Gosselins and you know of the rest. True artists like Clarkson, Timberlake, Underwood, Beyonce and so on, they aren’t out there trying to be seen and going to places where they know the paparazzi is going to be. They keep their lives private while still living their life behind camera lenses. It’s all a choice. Lohan isn’t an actress, a singer or a model anymore, she has become a fame whore and a has been..at just 23 years old.

The fact that she hasn’t gone to jail yet is beyond me. She was arrested for a cocaine binge, hijacking a car and gets released because of jail over crowding. That only goes down in Hollywood and favors women like Hilton, Richie and Kartrashians. Because it sure didn’t favor two of the biggest rap superstars in the world, T.I and Lil Wayne. Now with the latest pathetic and never ending news of her court hearings about violating probation. She has avoided jail and I don’t know why or how that is possible. She has been in rehab three times and obviously it didn’t help her nor will it ever will. It’s her second time wearing a SCRAM bracelet..I mean, seriously. It’s pathetic.

Look at Nicole Ritchie, she is the best example of someone famous for just being famous, wild party girl that was addicted to drugs turned good. She turned her whole life around. She is now a mother, gives back to charity, started a fashion career, has a clean cut image now and you rarely see or hear from her. Look at Britney Spears! We all feared she would die and look at her now, her father took control whether she liked it or not. She was in denial but her parents – regardless of how old she is and that she is a mother herself – they didn’t give her a choice to make, they made a choice and effort to save their daughter. So there are no excuses.

Not even Buddah, Jesus or Allah can help Lindsanity, as Perez Hilton calls her. She needs to help herself. Blogs need to boycott her and so do magazines, they need to stop covering her. Her parents need to come together and stop being stuck on fame, lies, denial and all the other nonsense. Clubs need to ban her and Hollywood needs to black list her for her to try to get it through her melting brain. She needs to go away, she needs no attention to be given, she needs to save herself, go to jail for at least a year and get life back on track before its too late.

I’m so freakin’ tired of hearing about her. Remember how bad it was with the Gosselins last year? At least it somewhat ended. Lohan is still around, hopefully the chick stays a lives but yet again, lets hope she’ll disappear for a long long time.

This is the best I’ve ever seen her. This is how a young girl in her 20’s should look like. Fresh face, cute and actually look and act her age!

This is the worst I’ve seen her, and this is how she looks like now. A 23 year old going on 53 years old. My 88 year old great-grandmother looks ten times better and fresh faced then she does.


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