My Thought of the Day

I didn’t like who I was around them, I couldn’t stand how I was becoming. I needed to get rid of the toxicity, I needed to get back to me. I am best when I am alone, because no one understands me. You never know someones life story, that’s why I forgive because hurt people, hurt people. When someone is broken inside, they don’t know how to feel and what to do when they feel attacked. I struggled all my life and I won’t feed into the battle that keeps brewing inside of me. I refuse to still be going against myself and the world. I just want to be okay, not happy because I’m scared of happiness. Scared to feel and  to know what it is like to only have it snatched away. I just want to be okay. Most of all I just want to be understood. I want to feel human. I need something to revive me back to life.


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