American Idol: Lee Dewyze!

I used to watch American Idol when it first premiered. I watched up until the second season when Rubon Studdard won. I lost interest. I only tune in for the auditions and for the finale. But this season when I heard Ellen DeGeneres was a new judge I had to tune in and I’ve loved it!! I think the show just keeps getting better with the aspiring singers but as for the judges…4 judges is too much. I’m not a fan of Kara Deguirdi, she is a talented song writer but I don’t like her on the panel. I liked it better with Randy, Paula and Simon. It hasn’t been the same without Paula and now it’s defiantly going to change when Simon Cowell leaves. I loveeeeeeeeeee him.

I’m good at pointing out who the winner will be on anything! LOL This season is a close one. Both Lee and Crystal Bowersox are huge favorites. I’m hoping for Dewyze to win! I think the fan base for Idol are girls and they will be the one to vote for him. I also would listen to him on the radio and buy his album aside from Bowersox.

He has gotten better and better since day one. Here are my two favorite performance of his:


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