Thank You!!!!

I just hit 10,000 views on my blog! I look at my stats daily and see what you guys are searching for that leads you to my website and it’s exciting to see the numbers go up. This month has been my busiest ever, and I started this exactly a year ago. I see that you guys enjoy my ‘Artist & Song of the Week’ and ‘Fashion: Hit or Miss’ posts.

So I just wanted to thank you guys for coming on my blog! I work hard on it and enjoy doing it. It’s actually therapeutic, when I am going through something or feeling certain ways instead of moping around my room I start writing, some doesn’t get posted but I write about everything, whether it is personal, fashion, music and so on. I start to look for pictures and come up with ideas to add-on the blog. It’s just fun to do and it takes up my time and helps distract me.

really think my blog is different from others. A lot of popular blogs focus on celebrity, whether they’re repeating the same tabloid stories, uploading the same pictures of celebs or it’s about bashing them. Mine is positive and it’s a variety of everything that anyone can relate to or enjoy reading. It’s also fun to see my blog stats go up and down constantly! When I started it was through the roof, than for a few months it wasn’t good at all and now it has picked up drastically. I have learned how to navigate it and how to put it out there because before I didn’t even explore the wordpress’s features, I just wrote a blog and posted it! But even if I don’t have any followers, I still update it. When I started I didn’t think ANYONE would find it, but it’s amazing what Google can do! And now a year later I have over 10,000 visitors! Wooohooo!!

The positive feedback is amazing. Thank you to those who take their time, even it’s a minute, to leave me a comment on what they think of my posts or telling me what a good job I am doing. They seriously make me smile and I just love it! So thank you!

I hope you bookmarked my site and keep coming back! This semester is a tough one so I may not update it daily as I used too and some times I go on a week without posting anything up but I try to do so as much as I can, when I can! Whether you have feedback that is positive or negative, tell me!

Ya’ll come back now, yaaaa hear!


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